White Tea Extract Market Global Industry Analysis, Trends and Forecast, 2018-2028


Market Outlook for White Tea Extract:  White tea extract is obtained from young leaves and buds of Camellia sinensis plant. Though green, white and black tea extract is obtained from different parts of the same plant but the white tea extract requires the least processing when compared to the green and black tea extract.

Along with tannins, flavonoids, and fluorides, white tea extract also contains polyphenols such as catechins. The white tea extract has properties such as anti-bacterial, antioxidant, it also helps reduce blood pressure, blood lipids, and sugars and improves immunity. These properties are the main reason that might attract the health-conscious consumers which will further help the white tea extract market to expand.

White Tea Extract demand in beverage and pharmaceutical industry: The demand for white tea extract might increase in future as it is organic and non-GMO product provides a lot of health benefits which can captivate a large consumer population.

The consumers are becoming aware of the microbial diseases and their cause because of which they are focusing on using organic and non- GMO products which provide protection from harmful microbes and help them improve their immunity.

White tea extract has the antioxidant property which has the potential to boost the immune system and the antimicrobial property helps in protecting from various bacteria and viruses. So the consumers might prefer the use of white tea and thus can help in increasing the market for white tea extract.

According to the World Health Organization, diabetes has been the seventh leading cause of death across the globe in the year 2016. Therefore white tea extract can be used as it contains flavonoids which helps decrease the cardiovascular disease and it also has anti-diabetic properties because of which it can reduce the side-effects of diabetes and might also be beneficial for the prediabetes consumers.

The white tea extract has anticancer as well as anti-mutagenic property. There are enormous such benefits of consuming white tea on the regular basis which creates an attractive market for the white tea extract manufacturers as the consumers are becoming aware of the health hazards and so are opting for healthy products which can provide a solution for various health issues.

The major restraint is that there are only a few major producers of white tea extract like China, India and some other places like Nepal, Thailand, Taiwan, etc. and so other countries have to export white tea extract which might not be economically feasible. The other reason that can curb the white tea extract market is the less awareness about the white tea product and the various benefits that are obtained using it.

Global White Tea Extract Market: Segmentation: White Tea Extract can be segmented on the basis of application as: Food and beverage industry, Health and hygiene products, Cosmetics, Biological pesticides, Animal feed; White Tea Extract can be segmented on the basis of variety as: Darjeeling, White Peony, Monkey Picked, Silver Needle; White Tea Extract can be segmented on the basis of flavor as: Honey, Fruity, Grassy, Vanilla, Others (e.g., chocolate, peach, apricot, etc.)

Global White Tea Extract Market: Key Participants: Some of the global key market players are Zhejiang Tea Group Co. Ltd., Shaanxi Iknow Biotechnology Co. Ltd., Vicony Teas Company, Changsha Botaniex Inc., Carrubba INC, Wollenhaupt, Lanzhou Waltlets Biotech co. Ltd, Arihant Tea Company, Solanki Tea Co. Private Limited, etc. among others.

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