Vortex Mixer Market Key Growth Factors and Industry Analysis 2018-2028


Vortex Mixer Market: Introduction: Vortex mixer is used by many companies and laboratories in industries such as healthcare and biotechnology for mixing liquids, among other purposes as they save time and effort. A vortex mixer consists of a drive shaft and an electric motor, which are placed vertically and attached to a cup-type rubber piece, which is mounted slightly off-center.

Since the past few decades, the tool configurations of rigid vortex mixer is been modified to enhance the safety and reliability of a mixed liquid. Vortex mixer is being developed with low attenuation to mix liquids and solutions. A container is pressed into the rubber cup and the motion is transmitted to the liquid inside, which creates a vortex. These vortex mixer is preferred by manufacturers, owing to their low attenuation and ease of handling for mixing different solutions. Vortex mixer is especially used by chemical manufacturing companies.

Vortex mixer is manufactured in the 2-plate format and 4-plate format with variable speed options ranging from 100 to 3,200 rpm. They can run continuously or can be designed to run when downward pressure is applied to the rubber piece. This technology is adopted by many chemical manufacturing companies and laboratories around the globe for efficient handling of chemicals during manufacturing.

Vortex Mixer Market: Drivers and Challenges

Drivers: Vortex mixer is small in size and primarily used by hospitals, chemical factories and laboratories to mix different liquids and solutions. They are also adopted in industrial as well as fertilizer applications. The easy handling and operation of vortex mixer further drives their adoption. Moreover, they are capable of handling large volumes of liquids with minimum losses and reasonable costs and thus, find preference among manufacturers in the chemical industry.

Challenges: Range limitation, requirement of turbulent flow and calibration check are some of the key drawbacks associated with vortex mixers and thus, may impact their adoption to an extent. On the other hand, the price of daily use equipment has been rising, due to manufacturing costs, which is directly affecting the vortex mixer market.

The market is also being impacted by the fall in the consumer electronics sector, owing to price sensitivity. The low adoption of consumer electronics is also impacting the adoption rates of power electronic devices.

Vortex Mixer Market: Segmentation: The vortex mixer market can be segmented in a number of ways, but the most prominent criteria of segmentation are equipment type, frequency type, application and region. Segmentation of the vortex mixer market on the basis of equipment type: Single-tube vortex mixer, Double-tube vortex mixer; Segmentation of the vortex mixer market on the basis of application: Chemical manufacturing, Cement manufacturing, Healthcare, Food and beverage, Others

Vortex Mixer Market: Competition Landscape: Some of the key vendors identified across the value chain of the vortex mixer market include ACTGene, Inc., Benchmark Scientific, Inc., Eberbach Labtools, Grant Instruments, Heathrow Scientific, Labforce, Ohaus Corporation, Henry Troemner LLC and VELP Scientifica, among others.

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