Unilever Acquiring Vegetarian Butcher to Accelerate its Plant-Based Journey

Vegetarian Butcher

Unilever P.L.C. is going to extend its presence and reach in the plant-based foods category by purchasing The Vegetarian Butcher.

The Vegetarian Butcher was founded by Jaap Korteweg in 2007. It is a meat alternative company, with products distribution in over four thousand outlets in over 17 nations. No financial information related to the transaction has been disclosed so far.

The Vegetarian Butcher and Unilever have been partnering for over two years now. Back in 2016, the duo collaborated to launch two variants, including boxed vegetarian meatballs dipped in satay sauce and another item vegetarian meatballs with tomato sauce. The companies marketed both the products as part of the Unox brand, then.

The Foods and Refreshment president at Unilever, Nitin Paranjpe, said that the Vegetarian Butcher is a dedicated brand working on a crystal clear mission, it has numerous loyal ambassadors, an impressive fan following on social media and a powerful place across the market.

According to Paranjpe, Vegetarian Butcher will fit suitably in their ‘brands with purpose,’ portfolio, which includes the brands that have an optimistic outlook, strong social impact, are more capable of meeting the needs of consumers, and are heading forward at a fast pace. The president added that the most important part is that the deal will help them fasten their journey towards food products totally based on plants.

Currently, Unilever provides over 700 products boasting V-label across the Europe. The V-label is a label given to vegan and vegetarian products.

Mr. Korteweg mentioned that the transaction will prove a powerful next step for The Vegetarian Butcher, bringing the chain closer to its goal to become the biggest butcher globally.

He added that the company is eager to accelerate the journey towards its goal of conquering the world. The company aims to make plant-based ‘meat’ the standard, and Mr. Korteweg strongly believes that the strong international network of Unilever will definitely help them in accelerating their mission.


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