The process analyzer market is spread across key regions including APAC, North America, MEA, and Latin America


Demand for Portability to Trigger New Product Development  : Portability and accuracy are the major requirements when it comes to process analyzers. The increasing need for portable process analyzers has been fueling the production of new-aged and next-generation process analyzers that are designed effectively for the providing accurate results and monitoring while easing the usage with portability.

For example, the carbon dioxide gas analyzers are accurate and portable process analyzers introduces by Q.E.D. Environmental Systems that are suitable for use in food and beverage application. Similar developments were made by Spectro Scientific that focuses on providing customers with a convenient, advanced and precise fluid analysis solution, where they introduced their next-generation FluidScan oil analyzer which are portable process analyzers.

Focus Shift towards Tunable Diode Laser Technology to Offer Future Opportunities : The companies are increasingly moving towards tunable diode laser technology owing to its attributes such as low detection limits, temperature and pressure determination, and more companies are increasingly opting for process analyzers that are based on this robust technology. Given the rise in demand, the process analyzers market players increasingly focus on developing process analyzers that cater to the changing needs. For instance, in support of its constant focus on innovation, METTLER TOLEDO, launched its tunable diode laser gas analyzers which, being a cross-pipe version would prove highly beneficial for petrochemical and chemical companies.

Investment Activities in the Leading Regions of Process Analyzers Market expected to Provide Growth Avenues for Market Players : The increasing strategic developments carried out by companies in the leading nations is expected to provide growth opportunities for the process analyzers market players. For example, an investment was made by a private equity firm in Boston, Union Park Capital which focuses on small-scale industrial technology investments, in support of which the company acquired the LAR Process Analyzers, provider of liquid analyzers based in Germany.

Other than Europe, the process analyzer market is spread across key regions including APAC, North America, MEA, and Latin America. For instance, FITNIR Analyzers were given a contract for supplying their advanced product for optimizing the pulp process at the Aracruz Pulp Mill in Brazil. With this project the company marks its initial footprint in the South American market.

Manufacturers to Focus on Product Portfolio Expansions to Meet Transforming Process Analyzers Market Demand  : The companies providing process analyzers are determined towards meeting the transforming demand of the customers and providing valued products developed with the help of cutting-edge technologies. Product portfolio expansions is, therefore, one of the most significant strategy that is carried out by the leading players in the process analyzers market.

The leading player Ametek Process Instruments, extended their product portfolio with an addition of a new product, 5100 Series gas process analyzers. This new product introduced by the company is a portable device that provides easy moisture analysis with the help of tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy.

Honeywell Process Solution is another process analyzers market player who is accelerating with the help of its effective solutions and offerings. The company announced its new Process Safety Suite that manages the entire safety requirements of any process. Such revelations would contribute to the demand growth of process analyzers.

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