The air traffic control equipment market is classified in accordance with the type of device, its application, and the end use sector

Aircraft Antenna Market

Apart from accurately depicting the position of aircraft and relatable information, demand for air traffic control equipment has increased multifold in recent times, considering its paramount utility in navigation and surveillance in various aircraft operations. Data processing innovations and advancements in the communication technologies has been providing major opportunities for the market players as the demand for air traffic control equipment continues to rise in the aviation industry.

Technological Advancements Fostering Growth of Air Traffic Control Equipment Market : Automation plays a crucial role when it comes to enhancing the capabilities of the air traffic control. The deployment of automation in the air traffic control equipment is witnessed in the major aviation bases. The deployment of automation systems in air traffic control centers by FAA is one instance, where the involvement of automation as key market driver could be observed.

Moreover, technologies innovations such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) are also expected to provide future avenues to the providers of air traffic control equipment. Ottawa’s Searidge Technologies, an air navigation service provider and a company recognized as a major air traffic control equipment market player is partnering with the United Arab Emirates General Civil Aviation Authority for developing applications and conducting research for AI in air traffic control. Furthermore, the emergence of smart airports is expected to significantly boost the demand for air traffic control equipment to achieve next-generation navigation and control.

Emerging Regions to Witness Key Investments by Major Manufacturers : Amongst the key regions that hold a significant scope for air traffic control equipment, the North American market has witnessed developments in the form of investment strategies that allow effective business opportunities. For example, Raytheon Company, a key player in the air traffic control equipment market plans to invest $72 million in a manufacturing unit in Massachusetts campus which would a have industry’s leading manufacturing innovations. The space would deliver advanced automation technology to foster the integration and complex testing of radars.

BAE Systems, recognized as a key air traffic control equipment market contributor has entered into a contract with the U.S. Navy in accordance to which it is expected to support landing systems and air traffic control equipment at shore facilities and on ships. With such opportunities in the United States, air traffic control equipment providers could expect increasing profit in business while investing in this region.

Europe has also been highlighting a promising future for the air traffic control equipment market with the increasing collaborations to suffice air traffic management needs. The partnership between HungaroControl and Azeraeronavigation Air Traffic Control Center (AZANS) for providing air navigation services in Azerbaijan. Such collaborations in Europe are expected to drive the growth of the air traffic control equipment market.

Increasing Demand for Air Traffic Control Equipment to Provide Growth Avenues for Market Participants : The market players in the air traffic control equipment market are grabbing major business opportunities as the demand for the product escalates. The market players are continuously seeking key opportunities to extend their capabilities.

For instance, the France-based Thales group is supporting a program for modernization of surveillance radars in Saudi Arabia. Thales is recognized as a major supplier of air traffic control equipment in the region. This deal acts as a crucial commitment for Thales group as they focus on broadening their support in the civil aviation domain to the Kingdom.

Another major player in the air traffic control equipment market, Raytheon Company, is also working towards providing effective solutions to FAA with a contract of over $70 million. With respect to this contract, the company focused on enabling futuristic next-generation air traffic control equipment and air traffic control tools which would enhance the efficiency and safety of National Airspace System.

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Collaborations and mergers have been a crucial strategy for companies as they focus on business expansion and growth. Similar merger between the key market participant, Harris Corporation and defense giant L3 technologies resulted in a largest defense merger. The combined company would offer an extensive portfolio of products including secret space hardware, military radios, and air traffic control system.


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