Technological Advancements to aid Growth of Marine Trenchers Market during 2018-2028


Marine Trenchers Market: Introduction: A trench is a type of a depression or an excavation on the surface of earth or subsea terrain. Often, trenchers are employed as a construction equipment used to dig trenches, especially for laying electrical cables and pipes on land surface or subsea levels. In marine industry, the marine trenchers are used to make trench under the sea for laying underwater pipes or cables. The marine trenchers are the widely used equipment in the marine industry and can be operated from the surface through an operating system.

Furthermore, the marine trenchers can be of three types such as, pipeline ploughs which are used to lay different type of pipelines and flow lines underwater. The cable ploughs are used to lay the power cables or the optical fiber cables underwater. The rock trenchers are used to brake the rocks and make a trench in the underwater rocks. Additionally, the marine trenchers are work basically on two type of technologies including, mechanical trenchers and jet trenchers. The mechanical trenchers are conventional trenchers and used globally due to they are cost effective and have easy working. The jet trenchers works on hydraulic technology due to that they are more efficient and reliable. However, the jet trenchers have high initial cost and requires a skilled operator to operate the equipment. The marine trenchers generally used in oil & gas and telecom industries for various applications. Additionally, the marine trenchers are also used to lay the power cables and the optical fiber cables underwater. The optical fiber cables are used for the internet connectivity globally.

Marine Trenchers Market: Dynamics: The oil & gas demand is continuously growing globally which is pushing the growth of oil & gas transportation and production. These factors are projected to increase the demand of marine trenchers significantly in the offshore oil & gas rigs exploration activities. Additionally, the expansion of telecommunications network and infrastructure setup is in turn expected to propel the growth of marine trenchers market. Also, the multinational companies are investing in building their own network which is expected to drive the market of marine trenchers over the forecast period. In the future years, the growth and establishment of tidal energy infrastructure is also expected to aid the usage of marine trenchers by the infrastructure management companies.

However, the jet trenchers are subjected to high initial investment and also operating cost of the marine trenchers is high. Additionally, the marine trenchers work in a highly corrosive environment which increase its replacement rate and maintenance. That is expected to restrain the growth of marine trenchers market over the forecast period.

Marine Trenchers Market: Segmentation: Marine trenchers market can be segmented into type, technology, end use industry and region. On the basis of type, global marine trenchers market is segmented into: Pipeline Ploughs, Cable Ploughs, Rock Trenchers; On the basis of technology, global marine trenchers market is segmented into: Mechanical trenchers, Jet trenchers; On the basis of end use industry, global marine trenchers market is segmented into: Oil & Gas, Telecommmunications, Tidal Energy

Marine Trenchers Market: Regional Outlook: The North America region is expected to have a significant rate of growth in the marine trenchers market owing to growing oil & gas transportation through sea and increasing demand from multinational companies to build their own global network. In the European region the growing installation of oil & gas transportation network through North Atlantic Ocean is projected to significantly push the demand for marine trenchers in the market over the forecast period.

Furthermore, the Asia Pacific region is projected to be the most lucrative market for marine trenchers owing to increasing telecom industries in the region driving the new installation of optical fiber cables and replacement of older cables. The oil & gas transportation is also increasing in the region South China Sea which is projected to push the growth of marine trenchers market in the region. Countries like, China, India etc. are anticipated to register significant growth in the market. Latin America and Middle East & Africa region projected to show promising growth in the marine trenchers market owing to growing telecoms and oil & gas industry in the regions.

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Marine Trenchers Market: Market Participants: Some of the market participants in the global marine trenchers market are: DeepOcean Group, Barth Hollanddrain, Modus Ltd, MIAH Inc., Ecosse Subsea Systems, Forum Energy Technologies, Osbit, Helix Energy Solutions Group, Royal IHC, Seatools B.V., SEA S.R.L.m Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd


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