Shoulder Fired Weapon Market Set for Rapid Growth And Trend, by 2028


Guided technology has been gaining significant traction in shoulder fired weapon market owing to upgrading and modernization programs along with procurement of the innovative fire-and-forget missile, which also enhances the usage of advanced guidance systems.

US To Pose Lucrative Growth Opportunities for Shoulder Fired Weapon Market with Surging Number of R&D Activities: U.S. shoulder fired weapon market is expected to witness significant growth with increasing number of R&D activities for introducing innovative technology-based designs related to man-portable warfare systems. Technological advancements in the warfare platforms have been attributed towards growth of North America shoulder fired weapon market. APAC shoulder fired weapon market is likely to witness notable growth with modernization of the current battalions as well as effective delivery systems for anti-air and anti-tank role in Indian market. Developing economies such as India and China are witnessing enhancement in military land warfare competencies at comparatively lower cost than other weapon systems, which in turn drives the growth of APAC shoulder fired weapon market.

Defense & Military to Form Notable Base for Revenue Sales Growth in Shoulder Fired Weapon Market: Upgradation in armor and artillery has resulted in surging demand for military and defense products, thereby driving the revenue sales in shoulder fired weapon market. Rising asymmetrical warfare, growing security needs and protection against terrorist activities along with advancements in armed forces have been boosting the growth of shoulder fired weapon market on a major basis. Surging demand from government authorities for advancing ammunitions and weapons in the national armory system further drives the growth of shoulder fired weapon market. However, emergence of the automated missile systems as well as associated surface combat equipment that lacks human interface is likely to pose significant threats to the growth of shoulder fired weapon market.

Contracts to Be the Major Strategic Adoptions by Shoulder Fired Weapon Market Players: Raytheon Company: The shoulder fired weapon market player recently announced that its GPS OCX has completed the tough cybersecurity vulnerability analysis that tested ability of the system against both external and internal cyber threats. This module helps in preventing broadcast of the corrupt navigation as well as timing data across entire tests, thereby increasing effectiveness of the program for GPS III unveiling soon. In order to assure effective implementation, shoulder fired weapon was taken into consideration for experimental purposes. This in turn is expected to benefit the global market on a major basis.

General Dynamics Corporation: The shoulder fired weapon market player lately received a contract for Federal Health Care Quality Measurement. General Dynamics Information Technology has turned out to be pre-qualified for completing tasks and order for helping Center for Clinical Standards & Quality of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in improving their federal health care system. The contract holds nearly $1.6Billion value and this partnership has benefitted in developing quality analysis along with cost-saving efficiencies, which in turn would benefit enhancement of shoulder fired weapon market as well.

MBDA, Inc.: The shoulder fired weapon market player had announced that its Marte ER anti-ship missile had completed its initial firing phase, which was also inclusive of sea skimming flight and several waypoints, which helps in successful testing of all the flying phases. In order to meet further customer needs, the company has been planning to increase the usage of shoulder fired weapon that would help them with testing purposes on a larger basis.

Classification of Shoulder Fired Weapon Market Is Done On The Basis Of Technology, Range and Components:  Based on technology, shoulder fired weapon market has been bifurcated into: Guided, Unguided; Based on range, shoulder fired weapon market has been bifurcated into: Short Range, Medium Range, Extended Range; Based on components, shoulder fired weapon market has been bifurcated into: Launcher, Missile/Rocket Launcher, MANPATS (Anti-Tank), MANPADS (Anti-Aircraft); Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher, Single Shot, Reloadable; Ammunition, Missile/Rocket, Anti-Tank, Anti- Aircraft; Rocket Propelled Grenade, Product Type: Anti-Pesonnel, Anti-Tank, Anti-Bunker; Warhead Type: Thermobaric, High Explosive Anti-Tank, Tandem, Fragmentation.

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