ServiceNow to Help Minimize the Complexities of Work with the Acquisition of FriendlyData

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Working gets easier as ServiceNow integrates FriendlyData’s NLQ technology to its platform

ServiceNow is an industry leader in providing cloud-based solutions and platforms providing improved digital experience for people while they work. This cloud computing company debuted on the Forbes list at no. 1, grabbing the title of the World’s Most Innovative Company of 2018. With their agreement to acquire the technology of FriendlyData, which is a prominent platform for accessing, analyzing and understanding meaningful data.

As a result of this acquisition, it is possible for non-technical users to ask quantitative questions and plain English and attain faster results through easy-to-understand visualization of data and text responses. The process of simplifying work is one of the major focuses of ServiceNow, to which this integration largely contributes.

As the ServiceNow focuses on making the world of work, work better for people, they can help reduce the amount of time consumed in understanding how technical questions could be asked, with the help of the technology of natural language query (NQL) of FriendlyData. It allows the users to just ask a question and act on the answer in the free time.

FriendlyData’s NLQ technology will be embedded into the Now Platform interface, which includes apps for human resources, security operations, IT, and customer service management and will guide the users to related and relevant Performance Analytics reporting and dashboards. With the integration of NLQ technology in the Now Platform, it will be possible to reduce the complexity which decelerate work.

Pat Casey, senior vice president of development development and operations at ServiceNow stated that ServiceNow is bringing the capabilities of NLQ to the Now Platform, which enables the companies to ask technical questions in plain English and obtain answers. He further added that with the help of these technical enhancements, their aim is to allow anyone to make data driven decisions easily, drive businesses forward at a faster pace, and increasing productivity.

The initiative of acquiring FriendlyData is amongst the latest steps carried out by the ServiceNow. It helps reduce the friction in support requests within the organizations with the help of tools that are integrated with artificial intelligence.


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