Sanitizing Agent Market Revenue, Opportunity, Segment and Key Trends 2018-2028


Sanitation has become an important aspect of the major industrial processes and commercial sectors. The increasing use of sanitizing agent for maintaining a level of sanitation has been growing rapidly. The accelerating awareness of maintaining quality of food products is a major reason why the demand for sanitizing agents is expected to rise owing to their efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Asian Market to Witness Increasing Investments in Acid Based Sanitizers: The Asian countries are increasingly investing in sanitizing agent production. These investment activities reflect the significance given to sanitizing agent in the Asian market. For instance, Indian Peroxide Ltd. announced the launched of their new hydrogen peroxide production plant in the State of Gujarat, India. With this plant, the company would produce environmentally friendly, premium quality, and industry-grade hydrogen peroxide. This expanded production facility is with respect to the increasing local demand for hydrogen peroxide which finds its application in waste water treatment, paper and pulp, textile and other industries.

Although the Asian market celebrates increasing availability of the acid based sanitizing agent, hydrogen peroxide, Europe Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) are have been facing accelerating inflation in labor, energy, transportation costs that are necessary for providing customers with the reliable supply. A key player in the sanitizing agent market, PeroxyChem, announced a rise in price of all the hydrogen peroxide grades in the EMEA region.

Regulations pertaining to Sanitization to Effectively Govern the Sanitizing Agent Market: Stringent regulations for maintaining sanitization in industries including food, pharmaceutical and others are the major growth influencers of the sanitizing agent market. For instance, Toronto Public health recently closed a restaurant and issued conditional passes for the ten others with respect to various factors one of which was sanitation.

Favorable Conditions in Leading Nations to Trigger the Demand for Sanitizing Agent: Major concerns related to health are expected to trigger the demand for sanitizing agent. Outbreaks related to food consumptions are a major factor that influences the utilization of sanitizing agent. For instance, the Food Quality and Safety published a report that stated the food borne outbreaks in Brazil in the span of six years resulted in about 2900 illnesses. Such cases are fostering the demand for sanitizing agent of physical and chemical type including chlorine dioxide and quaternary ammonium.

Sanitizing Agent Market Players to Gain Greater Profits with the help of evolving Sanitation Requirements: Players in the market of sanitizing agent are focused towards increasingly strategizing their future actions to gain major competitive advantage and offer enhanced products to the market. Acquisition and collaboration strategies are amongst the key actions that govern the business growth of these sanitizing agent providers.

Recognized amongst the value chain of market of sanitizing agent and the manufacturer and supplier of chemicals, Hydrite Chemical Company announced its investment in a state-of-the-art, food-grade facility for the production of peracetic acid in the Waterloo, United States. Peracetic acid finds its application in multiple sector, out of which food sanitation is amongst the primary markets. This investment reflects the company’s continual contribution to the sanitizing agent market.

Another development in the competitive bracket of sanitizing agent is the acquisition of a key player in the sanitizing agent market. A latest announcement stated that the Germany-based Evonik Industries have entered into an agreement with One Equity Partners for buying PeroxyChem for a valuation of $625 million. The aim of the acquisition is to strengthen their resource efficiency growth segment with the help of PeroxyChem, as Evonik expands its high-growth specialty applications and environmentally friendly portfolio.

Division of Market of Sanitizing Agent to Gain Complete Understanding of Major Segments: The sanitizing agent market is classified on the basis of end-use industry and sanitation process.

According to the end-use industry, the sanitizing agent market segments include brewery industry, food industry, pharmaceuticals, and others. When the sanitizing agent market is divided on the basis of process, the segments included in the division include: Chemical Sanitation, Alkaline-Based Sanitizers, Quaternary Ammonium, Chlorine; Acid-Based Sanitizers, Hydrogen Peroxide, Anionic Acids, Peroxyacetic Acid, Idophores.

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