Research report explores the Dextrates Market for the forecast period, 2018-2028


Dextrates Market Outlook: Dextrates is a refined mixture of saccharides obtained by the controlled enzymatic hydrolysis of starch. It is a micro-crystalline aggregate and is made of free-flowing, porous, white, odorless, and spherical granules. Dextrates has a sweet taste and gives a cooling sensation in the mouth. Dextrates is used as a tablet binder in the drug manufacturing process. Dextrates is also used as sweeteners in pharmaceutical preparations. Its use as sweeteners in various pharmaceutical preparations has been gaining prominence in the last few years. Its non-toxic and nonirritant properties over other sweeteners used in pharmaceutical formulations give it an edge, which is expected to drive the dextrose market. However, excessive consumption of dextrates could lead to dental decay, which could hinder the market growth. It can also cause minor skin irritation and eye irritation upon contact.

Favourable Policies and Regulations Assisting the Market Growth – Dextrates act as binders by holding together the different ingredients in the tablet powder mixture and thus increase tablet strength. Dextrates shows no sign of darkening of colour even when heated up to 50°C, one of the reasons it is being preferred over other binders. Also, its shelf life is over three years, which is quite more than other substitutes available in the market.
Dextrates is GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) listed and is included in the FDA inactive ingredient guide, which is why it is gaining popularity among the pharmaceutical companies for its use. The GMO-free dextrates is gaining strong popularity owing to the growing concerns from the individuals about the adversary effects of the regular ones.
By end-use, the dextrates market is dominated by effervescent tablets. The use of dextrates in effervescent tablets have increased significantly in the last five years. Increasing adoption of healthy lifestyle across the world has resulted in the increased consumption of dietary supplements, which in turn have increased the use of effervescent tablets. Owing to this significant growth has been witnessed in the dextrates market.

Dextrates Market – Market Segmentation: By Content, the Dextrates market is segmented into: Anhydrous (without water), Hydrous (with water); By Product Type, the Dextrates market is segmented into: Regular, GMO-free; By Application, the Dextrates market is segmented into: Oral Formulations – Capsules : Soft Gelatin Capsules, Hard Gelatin Capsules; Liquid Formulations, Tablets; Parenteral Formulations; By End-use, the Dextrates market is segmented into: Pharmacy – Veterinary, Tablets : Ingestible Tablets, Effervescent Tablets, Dispersible Tablets, Chewable Tablets, Soluble Tablets

Global Dextrates Market – Key Players: Key market players identified in the global dextrates market include JRS Pharma, Quadra Chemicals Ltd., Paulaur Corporation, UPI (UNIVERSAL PRESERVACHEM INC.), The Press Club Nutrition Ltd., Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing Corp., Colorcon, Roquette, among others.

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