Recent Study Reveals Growth Prospects of Diagnostic Shipper Market During 2018-2028

Diagnostic Shipper Market

The diagnostic shippers are used for the packaging of patient specimen & infectious substances which needs protection against shocks and leakages in transportation. Diagnostic patient specimen shipments are delimited under either the harmful materials regulations (United States) or dangerous goods regulations (worldwide). Diagnostic specimens are classified as harmful materials (risk groups 2, 3 and 4 under 2004 regulations; or Category B under 2005-2006 provisions) and consequently have need of packaging that meets Department of Transportation (DOT), Transportation of Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR), International Air Transport Association (IATA), Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR), and several international shipping regulations. The packaging of the diagnostic specimen must be in good quality and be robust enough to withstand leakage, shocks, humidity, pressure changes, vibration, and handling takes place while transportation.  The primary function of diagnostic shipper is restrict the outflow of the contents, even if there is a leakage of the primary packaging during transit. The packaging should be robust enough to withstand rough handling, through inspection machines, conveyors, sorters and other similar machines.

The demand for diagnostic shipper is anticipated to grow due to the capability of storing specimens for the long duration. The manufacturing of diagnostic shipper is dependent upon the load carrying capacity and type of sample which needs to be packaged. The diagnostic shipper market is highly consolidated and depends upon the supplier. Diagnostic shipper is an assembly of packaging products such as plastic bags, cartons, mailers, and absorbents. Generally, these products are manufactured by different manufacturers and assembled by the converters or suppliers. The manufacturing of diagnostic shipper conforming to regulations are attributed to be the major barrier for the new entrants in the market to emerge.

Changing regulations and standards are profoundly affecting the diagnostic shipper market: The diagnostic shippers are designed by considering the guidelines and rules assigned by government transportation and shipping authorities. The changes to the regulations of shipment for infectious substances and diagnostic specimens from developed countries is attributed to reform the diagnostic shipper market. The temperature controlled diagnostic shippers are expected to dominate the global market regarding growth rate. Key players operating in the diagnostic shipper market are focusing on research and development activities to provide new packaging formats. The triple packaging enabled diagnostic shippers are trending in the global diagnostic shipper market owing to the high durability. The triple packaging is combination of primary and secondary packaging which protects the content from leakage in transportation.

United States is anticipated to dominate the global diagnostic shipper market: The diagnostic shippers demand is expected to boost in North America market owing to the growing research and development of the in-vitro diagnostics. The fluctuating regulations for packaging of diagnostics shippers in the United States and different European countries are playing key roles for the growth in diagnostic shipper market. The United States is expected to be the largest exporter of diagnostic shippers for Latin America and the Asia Pacific. China and India are anticipated to be the emerging markets for diagnostic shippers due to the rapidly expanding laboratories and diagnostic research centers. The market key players of diagnostic shipper has opportunity start their operations in Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe due to increased demand.

Global Diagnostic Shipper Market: Segmentation: The global diagnostic shipper market is segmented on the basis of material, and end-users as follows: On the basis of material, the global diagnostic shipper market has been segmented into: Polypropylene (PP), Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), Others; On the basis of end-user, the global diagnostic shipper market has been segmented into: Laboratories, Scientific research centers, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical companies

Global Diagnostic Shipper Market: Key Players: Some of the key players operating in the global diagnostic shipper market are as follows: InfeKta Packaging International, Saf-T-Pak Inc., Polar Tech Industries, Inc., Sonoco Products Company, Com-Pac International, Pelican BioThermal LLC


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