Power MOSFET Market New Technology Leads to Significant Growth in Coming Years


As the human machine interface machines are increasing globally there have been an increasing demand for the integration of compact and efficient parts, one of those parts is the power MOSFET. Power MOSFETs has a vertical structure in which source and drain terminals are at opposite sides of the chip. The vertical structure of the power MOSFET is used to eliminate crowding at the gate and it help in large channel width. Also, thousands of these transistor cells are put together on one to handle the high currents & voltage required.

Power MOSFET Market: Drivers and Challenges: There are many factors driving the market for power MOSFET, from which one of the major factor is that with the requirement for compact automation solutions is increasing in the global market and power MOSFET serves the purpose. This has been the major driver for the power MOSFET market as it not only serves one application with its compact feature but also serves application in the consumer electronics industry. The other driver for the power MOSFET market has been the advent of electric vehicles which has been a booming application for the growth of power MOSFET market and also its use in the renewable energy sources which are continuously replacing the traditional energy sources globally. As far as the technological efficiency is concerned the power MOSFETs have high switching speed and good efficiency at low voltages which allows it to be used in many applications. This has also been a driving factor for power MOSFET market.

Some of the restraint for power MOSFET market have been related to the function of these in different application and the cost. There have been cases where the power MOSFET have come across the problems like current leakage which has led to its restricted adoption in critical applications. Also, the implementation cost of the power MOSFET has also led it to the slow growth of the market as it is on a higher side.

Power MOSFET Market: Segmentation: The power MOSFET market can be segmented into various segments but as per the market analysis the market for power MOSFET is most suitably segmented by type, power rate, application, and region. On the basis of type the power MOSFET market can be divided into; Depletion Mode Power MOSFET, Enhancement Mode Power MOSFET; On the basis of power rate the power MOSFET market can be divided into; High Power, Medium Power, Low Power; On the basis of application the power MOSFET market can be divided into; Energy and Power, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Power Electronics, Others

Power MOSFET Market: Key Players: Some of the key players of power MOSFET market are: NXP Semiconductors, Fairchild Semiconductors, Infineon Technologies AG, STMicroelectronics, Digi-key Electronics, Renesas Electronics Corporation, IXYS Corporation, Toshiba Corp., Power Integration Inc., Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Microchip Technology Inc., Vishay Siliconix, and Texas Instruments among others.

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