Non- Resorbable Cranial Fixation System Market healthy pace throughout 2028 just published


Carnial injuries can create permanent disabilities in the brain and scalp which impacts on a person’s life and his personality. Injuries can be caused due to road accidents, falls or sports related accidents are often lead to severe cranial injuries. These injuries will include skull fractures, scalp wounds, conclusions and many more. These injuries can be closed without breaking or opening the skull which may affect the brain. Fractures in the skull leads to break in the cranial bone. Cranial fixation is a technique for stabilizing a variety of fractures of skull.

Non-resorbable cranial fixation systems includes horse shoe headrests Horseshoe Headrests, Skull Clamps and accessories like pins and forceps. The skull clamps provide fixation in prone lateral and sitting positions. After surgery of the patient, cranial fixation systems stabilized the head position in order to prevent movements and any further complications. The horse shoe headrest also provide a support for both infants and adults so that the neck and the head remains positioned.

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It is used for both vertical and lateral movements while the open area makes the space for chin. The procedure or treatment for repairing the cranial vaults is called cranioplasty. The usage of non- resorbable cranial fixation systems helps in the healing of the bone and improves the 3-D position. However, the metal like titanium used during the fixations may impact on the images later on during CT- scans and MRI. Hence, the non resorbable cranial fixation systems would witness a healthy adoption among surgeons over conventional metal based fixation systems.

Factor driving the Non- Resorbable Cranial Fixation System Market : Non- resorbable cranial fixation system market is primarily driven by increasing number of cranial injuries cause due to road accidents and acute brain injuries. According to a report by Centers for disease control (CDC) in 2013, approximately 50,000 people died due to chronic brain injuries in the U.S. Non-resorbable cranial fixation system market in North America region is dominant due to the increasing neurological diseases which required invasive neurosurgical treatment. The uncertainties associated with the use of Non- Resorbable Cranial Fixation System and lack of clarity in insurance coverage and reimbursement are constraining the growth of Non- Resorbable Cranial Fixation System market to a large extent. Moreover the growth of the market is expected due to the powerful regulations and patient safety. Non- Resorbable Cranial Fixation System Market offers the potential to identify the cranial injuries and holds a strong perception in future with its continued investment.

Regional Market Outlook : Geographically, Non- Resorbable cranial fixation system market is segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East & Africa and Japan. North America region is expected to dominate the Non- restorable cranial fixation system market globally followed by Europe. North America is the dominant Non- restorable cranial fixation system market due to the high prevalence of neurological and brain injuries in the region. Non- Resorbable cranial fixation system in Asia Pacific region is expected to grow at a fastest growth rate with the awareness programs and growing number of geriatric population suffering from chronic and end stage neurological disorders which requires surgical intervention. In addition, increasing number of road accidents and other manmade disasters resulting in acute brain injuries. This increase in number of patients with severe brain injuries would increase the demand for cranial fixation system. The increasing demand for cranial fixation system would results in growth and development of the cranial fixation system market in Asia Pacific region. Ready availability of cranial fixation devices and instruments in regions such as Asia Pacific and Latin America is further expected to increase the adoption among hospitals which will spur the revenue growth during the forecast period.

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Some of the major players identified in Non- Restorable Cranial Fixation System Market are B. Braun , Changzhou Huida, DePuy Synthes, Medtronic, OsteoMed, Stryker, Evonos, Integra, KLS Martin, Jeil Medical, NEOS Surgery.  The Companies are involved in collaboration agreements in order to exploit maximum potential. Also they are mainly focused to strengthen the core competencies of their product portfolio.


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