New Research Report on Clay Coated Paper Market, 2018-2028

Clay Coated Paper Market

Clay coated paper is a paper coated with fine clay to provide smoothness on the surface of the paper. The coating of clay can be done on a single side or both side of the paper to enhance the printability used in packaging. To impart glossy texture, the paper is coated with clay to fill the spaces between the fibers to make the surface of paper smooth. The clay coated paper is used in a wide range of applications such as labels, release liners, magazines, etc. Various benefits offered by clay coated paper which makes it a suitable choice for printing and packaging applications such as excellent absorbency of inks and pigments, lightweight, improved water resistance, etc. Two types of clay are used for making clay coated paper, one is round clay, and another is the flat clay. The round clay is used to fill the gaps between the fibers of the paper, and the flat clay is used to improve the smoothness and density of paper. The global market for clay coated paper is expected to witness substantial growth during the forecast period owing to its wide application in the printing and packaging industry.

Clay Coated Paper Market: Dynamics: The pulp and paper industry is one of the largest industries in the world and is growing rapidly. Clay coated paper market is anticipated to continue gaining traction from the printing and packaging industry. The clay coated paper have increased stiffness, smoothness, and density as compared to uncoated paper. The clay coated paper market has witnessed significant growth in recent years. It has been observed that the newspaper and printed advertisement etc. give more exposure to purchase when compared to online promotion of any product. The consumers also prefer the information on printed paper to be more genuine. Printed branding and advertising also increases the brand favorability and purchase appeal towards the product. For instance, Two Sides Organization, most of the respondents prefer print media to be more tactile, a survey conclusion.

Furthermore, the recycling process has a lesser negative impact on the environment, as the sludge produced is repeatedly tested for toxicity. Therefore, any hazardous substance released as a result of the process, is disposed of safely. The global push for the use of sustainable materials is expected to aid the growth in demand for recycled printing paper. These factors are expected to drive the global market for clay coated paper during the forecast period.

Despite the positive outlook, some factors that are restraining the growth of clay coated paper market. The growing adoption of digitalization is expected to suppress the demand for graphics and writing paper. Digital media and paperless communication are replacing paper communication and threatening the market for newsprint and office paper globally.

Clay Coated Paper Market: Segmentation: Globally, the clay coated paper market has been segmented on the basis of clay type, basis weight, application, and end-use.; On the basis of clay type,the global clay coated paper market has been segmented as- Round Clay, Flat clay; On the basis of basis weight,the global clay coated paper market has been segmented as- Up to 200 GSM, 201 GSM to 250 GSM, 251 to 300 GSM, Above 301 GSM; On the basis of application,the global clay coated paper market has been segmented as- Labels, Release Liners, Magazines, Books, Others; On the basis of end-use, the global clay coated paper market has been segmented as- Painting, Printing, Packaging, Food & Beverages, Electrical & Electronics, Automotive, Healthcare, Other Consumer goods; Clay Coated Paper Market: Regional Outlook: Geographically, the global clay coated paper market has been divided into seven key regions- North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan, Middle East & Africa, and Japan.

Clay Coated Paper Market: Some of the Key players: Some of the key players operating in clay coated paper market are- Kisnila, Ahlstrom-Munksjö, Globus International, Sappi Limited, Spoton Coatings Private Limited, A.J. Schrafel Paper Corp., Shree Krishna Paper Mills & Industries Ltd., and Stora Enso Oyj. Many local and unorganized players are expected to contribute to the global clay coated paper market during the forecast period.

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