New Collaboration to Deploy AI in Cloud Space

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The emergence of cloud technology has boosted various developments around the world. From ground breaking innovations hitting the technological space, companies are uplifting the capabilities of platforms to be at par with the transforming digital environment. The server-less platform for intelligent application, Iguazio announced its partnership with Google Cloud, a suite of cloud computing services offered by Google, for facilitating real-time Artificial Intelligence (AI) across Intelligent and Cloud Edge.

Google Cloud and the hybrid cloud by Iguazio together are empowering Trax, the analytics solutions for retail and computer vision provider to reap the benefits from Kubernetes and a cloud-native architecture without handling its fundamental infrastructure. The company’s retail solutions would utilize predictive analytics and image recognition for managing the physical shelves for consumer packaged goods retailers and manufacturers more efficiently.

Yair Adato, the Chief Technology Officer at Trax stated that the team is digitizing the retail sector by predicting, monitoring, and optimizing store-and-field performance in a real-time environment for improving the availability of products on shelf, modernizing the shopping experience, and optimizing the click and collect process. Yair further added that they have recognized the need for edge to cloud solution, which was built for scalability, speed, and intelligence; and a solution that encourages Trax to focus on application versus infrastructure management.

The collaboration further focuses on catering to the needs and requirements of Trax solutions, including real-time data processing at the edge, from operating systems, numerous shelf-mounted cameras, and also from the autonomous robots across the retail chain. The integrated platform provided by Iguazio includes a range of data services, managed Kubernetes and server-less functionalities monitored and managed from Cloud IoT Core, along with the seamless integration with Google Cloud messaging and data services, and acts as an effective solution of Trax solutions.

Collective Efforts to Showcase Enhanced Potential

The combined capabilities of Google Cloud services and the managed platform offered by Iguazio, facilitates the analysis and collection of data at the edge in massive volumes, by harnessing Google Cloud for Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, central control, and data aggregation.

CEO of Iguazio, Asaf Somekh said that intelligent edge is a trending concept across a great variety of industries, as the market has started utilizing the power of cloud for data science and training, while keeping real-time decision making at the edge on priority. In light of this, Iguazio is extending cloud experience to the edge.

Collaborative efforts by both Iguazio and Google Cloud, are revolutionizing the potential of cloud services. The intelligent edge provided by Iguazio is a cloud-native powered by Kubernetes, including AI tools and data services. Such innovative offering are expected to boost the scalability in various industries and enable better management of data. The increasing use of intelligent solutions are expected to trigger innovations that aid in scaling up cloud capabilities. Furthermore, the emergence of technology helps in addressing the requirements of rapid data processing, effective data management and more.


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