Need of the Hour: Probiotic Infant Formula Products

Infant Formula Market Value

A senior analyst discusses latest developments shaping the global infant formula market.

For instance, increasing number of stringent safety and quality standards in developing regions is likely to significantly impact the growth and development of infant formula market.

Rapidly growing inclination towards adoption of premium quality infant nutrition products is expected to be a major factor contributing towards the surging demand for organic products in the infant formula market. Rapid consumer shift towards online-shopping and growing demand for the chemical-free infant formula products is likely to propel the overall growth and development of infant formula market. Besides regulating composition of the infant formula, FDA has set standards for labelling infant formula products meant for babies. Manufacturers are asked to include detailed nutrition panel with statement indicating availing of products as directed by the physicians. In addition, manufacturers in infant formula market are allowed to make only some claims regarding infant formula on the packaging.

How are safety regulations hindering the growth of China infant formula market?

In China, the main hurdle towards the growth of infant formula market is the regulatory process related to gaining approval for production purposes of infant formula. China has lately implemented stringent safety and quality standards for the distributors and manufacturers of infant formula. China CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration) states that out of the 800+ foreign brands delivering infant formula in the region, only 94 brands received approval for supplies in China.

Why is there a significant need for probiotics in the infant formula?

On a broader perspective, probiotics such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium helps in preventing disorders such as atopic dermatitis and infectious diarrhea in children. Intake of probiotics also helps in promoting bacterial balance in the intestine of babies, thereby offsetting the emergence of unfriendly organisms leading to inflammation and infections. In addition, the US FDA lately published draft guidance regarding labelling of probiotics as CFUs (colony forming units) along with weight. This initiative is likely to help the consumers in readily identifying amount of probiotics each product holds and can also leverage the availability of comparing products.

Explain why sterilization of the infant formula packs is trending?

Manufacturers are taking immense efforts in improving level of food-safety by considering the manufacturing environment, thereby focusing on packaging sterilization. Tried and tested technique, pulsed-light sterilization is witnessing growing adoption amongst the infant formula packaging manufacturers as it offers benefits such as low energy consumption, thereby eliminating the requirement for chemicals, water and hazardous waste management.

Why are pouch form products witnessing growing preference in the infant formula market?

With rapidly increasing number of mothers willing to join jobs soon after delivery are significantly contributing towards the demand for pouch form infant formula products. Growing convenience, less preparation time and availability of all the vital nutrients for the baby further stimulates the demand for pouch form infant formula products. Apart from this, pouches consisting of plastic spouts offer ease of sipping, thereby enabling the babies with self-feed. This in turn acts as a better attractive proposition for the customers demanding convenient, new and innovative infant nutrition products.


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