Motorcycle Ignition System Market Key Players: NGK Spark Plug (Australia), NGK SPARK PLUGS, Sparktronic Co., Ltd Holley Performance Products


Motorcycle Ignition System Market: Overview

A motorcycle ignition system plays a crucial role in igniting a spark in the engine cylinder so as to facilitate the burning of fuel in the engine and consequently, start the motorcycle. Additionally, to efficiently burn fuel, fuel battery voltage (6 Volts or 12 Volts) is insufficient; therefore, in a motorcycle ignition system, two circuits are used – primary circuit and secondary circuit – to enhance the voltage from 6 or 12 Volts to ~25,000 Volts in order to properly burn fuel in the engine cylinder.

Before the 90’s, mechanical motorcycle ignition systems were extensively used. These motorcycle ignition systems create a lagging problem in the current supply to the engine’s cylinder. Therefore, all manufacturers have shifted towards electric type (solid-state) motorcycle ignition systems, as these systems have no moving parts. In electronic type motorcycle ignition systems, mainly semiconductors, transistors, diodes and thyristors are used to start the motorcycle without delay of current supply. Thus, electronic motorcycle ignition systems are projected to witness significant demand over the forecast period.

Motorcycle Ignition System Market: Dynamics: Technological advancements in automotive ignition systems, coupled with the increasing adoption of sensors for accurate operation and performance, foster the growth of the global motorcycle ignition system market. Over the past couple of years, motorcycle density has increased at an addressable growth rate, which is likely to drive the global motorcycle ignition system market in the coming years. Nowadays, the demand for fuel efficient and lower emission vehicles is on the rise and electronic motorcycle ignition systems play a crucial role in enhancing fuel efficiency and lowering emissions. Thus, the global motorcycle ignition system market is estimated to gain traction and witness sound growth over the forecast period.

In developed countries with high standards of living, majority of the working class population is shifting towards four wheelers, which has been hindering the sales of motorcycles and subsequently, that of motorcycle ignition systems over the forecast period. In the current scenario, the middle class population is opting for high capacity motorcycles for recreational activities, mainly in the U.S., Canada and Germany. Moreover, in Western European countries, small displacement engines are used, which can be considered as a trend in the motorcycle ignition system market.  Motorcycle Ignition System Market Segmentation By product type – Mechanical Motorcycle Ignition System,Electronic Motorcycle Ignition System; By sales – OEM, Aftermarket; By motorcycle type – Sports Bikes, Dirt and Stunting Bikes, Cruisers,City Bikes,Scooters & Mopeds

Motorcycle Ignition System Market: Regional Outlook: North America and Europe are expected to grow with noteworthy growth rates in the global motorcycle ignition system market, owing to the rising standard of living, coupled with the growing disposable income of the middle class population. Moreover, people are also shifting towards comfortable and quick start vehicles, which is fueling the growth of the motorcycle ignition system market. The APEJ region is also expected to grow with a noteworthy rate, owing to the fact that motorcycles are the most preferred mode of transport in countries such as India and China. Therefore, the potential for the motorcycle ignition system market is expected to be significant and the market is projected to grow with a remarkable rate over the assessment period.

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Motorcycle Ignition System Market: Market Participants: Some of the market participants in the motorcycle ignition system market identified across the value chain include: NGK Spark Plug (Australia), NGK SPARK PLUGS, Sparktronic Co., Ltd, Holley Performance Products, FastBikeGear, Shindengen electric manufacturing co., ltd., RaceTech Electric, Delphi Auto Parts, General Cable, Minda Distribution and Services Limited


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