Mega-Innovations to Transform Automotive Seating System Landscape


Growing demand for the safety features with rising inclination towards luxurious seating systems is expected to dive in significant opportunities for the manufacturers in automotive seating market in the near future. According to statistics of OICA (Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles), in 2017, passenger cars held over 70% of the overall vehicle production. Tier-1 players are taking immense efforts in launching automotive seating structures and frames that utilize light-weight composite materials. OEMs are working towards controlling CO2 emissions, thereby increasing fuel efficiency. Such lucrative aspects could influence the manufacturers to come up with new innovative and advanced seat frames for the emerging vehicles.

Magna International Inc. Reveals Exclusive Seating Re-Configurability

Magna lately revealed its plans for flexible vehicle interior that has been centered to seating re-configurability, which would be highly beneficial for the new vehicles and autonomy as well that are likely to emerge in the forthcoming times. The company has developed an innovative seating platform that is highly focused on delivering ideal user experience. From the carrying process of cargo to the fostering conversation on long car rides for enabling mobile meeting space throughout the ride share, Magna is taking immense efforts in evolving reconfigurable seating solutions as well as technologies for reshaping the vehicle cabin. The automotive seating company is mainly concentrating on developing seats that would exclusively adjust with the customers rather than customers adjusting with the seats.

The newly revealed Magna concept for the automotive seating ecosystem is inclusive of three specific configurations and each of them boast their own features as well as technologies include:

Autonomous Ride Sharing

The new development integrates object detection features, personal sound zones, easy for cleaning trim covers, 3-wide seating, availability of seat signals that indicate as to which seat would be available in ride-sharing vehicle and most of all, offers conference seating along with stadium swivel and reversible on the power long rails.

Long Road Trip

The new development integrates personal sound zones, in-cabin communication, haptic massage and pixelated vibratory seat for the optimal blood flow, four-way headrest sleep support and campfire seating with the stadium swivel on the power long rails.

Car Sharing

The new development integrates mobile app interface for preconfiguring a cargo mode, flexible hardware for creating several cargo options and cargo mode, which is inclusive of power long rails as well as seats that hold sliding up features under IP for majority space.


Grammer Seating Systems Introduces Its Innovative Product Range of Bus Passenger Seats

Grammer Seating Systems is witnessed as taking immense efforts in focusing on the development of individually tailored products, swift and high flexibility implementation of automotive seating. The main aspect of new product rage of Grammer Seating Systems is concentrated towards bus passenger seats. The company has developed new bus passenger seats for the urban transit, which is likely to be launched in the first quarter of 2019.

Roadtiger Seats to Set New Standards

The new-gen automotive seating sets new standards with regards to safety, comfort and ergonomics, which could be retrofitted for cabins of trucks as well. The impressive materials and design of the new Roadtiger seats are mainly developed for driver seats and are available in here versions, exclusively by luxury, comfort and standard. In addition, the luxury version offers leather quality, which is usually found in automotive luxury class.

A recent study by Future Market Insights on automotive seating market indicates that with increasing development of new layouts integrated with luxury modifications is expected to significantly drive the growth of overall automotive seating market.

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