Medical Device Technologies Market 2018 In-depth Analysis on Key Players, Opportunities, User Demand, Growth & Forecast 2028


Medical diagnosis and treatment is reaching exceeding heights with the increasing research and development observed by the healthcare sector. Medical device technologies are being incorporated in modern day clinical care to ensure that patients can make the most of these technologies. The prevalence of technology has a key role to play when it comes to innovations in healthcare. The conventional healthcare practices are being transformed effectively to bolster the changing medical requirements.

Medical Device Technologies Providers to Focus on Expansion Strategies in Key Regions

Companies providing medical device technologies are focusing on expanding in regions that cater to the changing healthcare needs while facilitating cutting-edge technologies to transform the healthcare offerings. Leading players such as Qiagen is collaborating with the Japan-based clinical testing laboratory company, SRL for introducing new companion diagnostics. Such activities are expected to provide growth avenues in that region.

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Moreover, governments of some countries are involved in providing medical equipment which is expected to foster the medical device technologies market effectively. For example, the China government was donating medical equipment in Nigeria with respect to the China-Nigeria relationship as hospitals showcase an urgent requirement for them. This is expected to create sales opportunities for the medical device technologies providers in this geographical segment.

Research and Development Activities to Remain Major Market Enablers

The increasing research and development activities are expected to facilitate optimized healthcare and increase the deployment of innovations in medical device technologies. Similar efforts are being taken by the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC) which is an enterprise collaboration that enables R&D actions in government agencies. A provider of innovative medical device technologies, ADM Tronics is also seen accepting the membership of the MTEC. These activities aim to accelerate the availability of medical technology solutions to veterans, military officials as well as civilians.

Regulatory Approvals: Medical Device Technologies Providers’ Primary Focus

Regulatory approvals are a key factor for the providers of medical device technologies as the leading government mandate the use of medical devices that are officially approved by these regulatory bodies. Similarly, the FDA approval is a major determinant of success for the medical device technologies market players. For instance, a medical device technologies provider Standard Bariatrics, Inc., was given a no. 1 bariatric surgical procedure indication by the FDA. This marks as a crucial milestone in their path towards success as they are determined to gain major opportunities in the coming years.

The increasing partnerships between medical device companies are expected to offer a scope of growth for the medical device technologies market. For example, the medical device firm, HeartHero signed an agreement with Vivaquant for incorporating their medical device technologies into diagnostics and detection through which they aim to provide vital lifesaving technology to the patients.

Medical Device Technologies Market Players Leveraging Technological Advancements to Expand Product Offerings

The providers of medical device technologies are seen leveraging the potential of technology for enhancing the medical equipment to create medical device technologies that improve the medical treatment and care given to patients.

Qiagen N.V. a leading medical device technologies market contributor has collaborated with OpGen for advancing the rapid diagnosis for antimicrobial resistance. OpGen is all set to commercial its new multidrug resistant pathogens detection solution in the United States market. This solution is based on the EZ1 Advanced XL automated nucleic acid purification instrumentation.

Thermo Fischer Scientific, Inc., medical device technologies provider opened their new business center in Frederick, Md which would help the company is catering to the increasing demand for diagnostic equipment and instruments as well as gene and cell therapy which would foster the patients undergoing clinical trials. This highlights the significance of the medical device technologies as leading players are expanding their facilities to ensure meeting the increasing requirements.

Providers of medical device technologies are indulging into acquisition strategies for expanding their business and catering to a larger customer base. For instance, Johnson & Johnson Diagnostics, Inc. completed the acquisition of Torax Medical, Inc. and Neuravi Limited, in the year 2017. Both being medical device manufacturers, with this acquisition the medical device technologies market player, Johnson & Johnson Diagnostics, Inc. is expected to boost their business in this segment as they focus on strengthen their portfolio.

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The other players in the medical device technologies market include Olympus Corporation, Novartis Diagnostics, Becton, Dickinson and Company, Abbott Laboratories, Inc., Biomerica, Inc., bioMerieux, Inc., Zenith Healthcare Ltd., and Siemens AG.


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