MDPE Bottles Market Shares, Strategies and Forecast Worldwide, 2018 to 2028


MDPE Bottles: Overview – MDPE combines the characteristics of low and high density polyethylene. Flexibility of MDPE bottles are more than MDPE. MDPE bottles are ideally used for liquid storage tanks such as oil tanks and water butts. The packaging of low quantity chemicals and drugs for household and over-the-counter applications are done in the MDPE bottles. Due to the higher abrasion and chemical resistance, these resist strong acids and alkalis, and are less susceptible to surge shocks. Therefore, MDPE bottles are also highly preferred to store chemical products and are used in gas pipes, sacks, fittings, shrink film etc. The translucent property makes them a more considerable packaging format due to the need for highest modulus and lowest permeability.

MDPE Bottles: Dynamics – The global packaging industry has undergone substantial transformation in the last few decades. High demand for variety in capacities and shapes has enabled strong competition in design-level innovations. Furthermore, increase in demand for products such as MDPE, creates opportunities for growth in the global MDPE injection and blow-molded containers market. In addition, MDPE has excellent drop and shock resistant feature and have better stress cracking resistance than HDPE, which is why it is preferred over HDPE bottles.  Cake decorators also prefer MDPE bottles for piping icing and then storing the leftovers which saves a lot of wastage. All these factors helps in driving the MDPE bottles market globally.

Moreover, MDPE bottles are highly recyclable and the process of recycling is very efficient as compared to other plastics. Due to the manufacturing of MDPE bottles from recycled materials, the dependency on the price of raw material decreases and manufacturers can offer low-cost MDPE bottles to end-user industries.

However, the global push for reducing the use of plastic has resulted in stringent laws regarding the same. Production processes are carefully monitored, especially in Europe. Therefore, the growth in the regional MDPE injection and blow molding containers market is expected to be below the optimum rate.

MDPE Bottles: Segmentation – On the basis of bottle capacity, MDPE bottles can be segmented as: Below 25 ounce, 26-90 ounce, 91-150 ounce, Above 150 ounce; On the basis of neck type, MDPE bottles can be segmented as: Narrow Mouth, Wide Mouth; On the basis of shape, MDPE bottles can be segmented as: Round, Cylinder, Rectangular, Square; On the basis of end use, MDPE bottles can be segmented as: Food & Beverages : Dairy Products, Juices, Cake Decoration, Others; Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care & Cosmetics, Homecare & Toiletries, Others

MDPE Bottles: Regional Overview – The growth in demand for MDPE containers in emerging economies such as countries in China, India and Africa is expected to provide lucrative opportunities for growth. Also, since the production of containers from MDPE is cost-effective, it is expected to enjoy high preference in these countries.

MDPE Bottles: Key Players – Some of the key players & suppliers in the MDPE market are as follows: Trimurti Plast Containers Private Limited, Qihai Technology Co., Ltd., Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, Braskem, The Dow Chemical Company, Amcor Limited, RPC Group Plc

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