Loudspeaker Subwoofer Market to register a healthy CAGR for the forecast period, 2018-2028


Loudspeaker Subwoofer: Introduction – A component of a complete loudspeaker, which is commonly referred to as a woofer or Loudspeaker Subwoofer, reproduces low pitched bass or sub-bass. The typical frequency of a Loudspeaker Subwoofer ranges from 20 Hertz to 200 Hertz for most consumer products. The Loudspeaker Subwoofer frequency is below 100 Hertz in the case of professional live sound equipment, and below 80 Hertz in THX Limited approved high fidelity sound systems. A Loudspeaker Subwoofer augments low frequencies of a loudspeaker that is intended to cover higher frequency bands. Technically, Loudspeaker Subwoofer is a common loudspeaker driver. However, in regular parlance, Loudspeaker Subwoofer refers to one or multiple sound drivers mounted inside a loudspeaker or Loudspeaker Subwoofer cabinet. These Loudspeaker Subwoofer enclosures are available in varied designs, such as bass reflex design that includes a vent or a port, a Loudspeaker Subwoofer with a variable number of passive radiator speakers in the cabinet, acoustic suspension with a sealed cabinet, horn loaded, infinite baffle, and band-pass designs that represent innovative trade-offs with regards to low frequency ranges, efficiency, Loudspeaker Subwoofer enclosure prices and sizes. A passive Loudspeaker Subwoofer is powered by external amplifiers and has an enclosure and a Loudspeaker Subwoofer driver. A built-in amplifier is included in an active Loudspeaker Subwoofer. A Loudspeaker Subwoofer was developed to facilitate a bass response feature in home sound systems. With the introduction of Sensurround sound in motion pictures, Loudspeaker Subwoofers gained popularity in the market. A large Loudspeaker Subwoofer produces loud low frequency Sensurround sound.

Loudspeaker Subwoofer: Market Drivers and Challenges – Loudspeaker Subwoofers possess the capability of reproducing a wide range of frequencies that the audio source in a home or professional theatre system transmits. This factor is the primary driver of the global Loudspeaker Subwoofer market. The continuous research, development and upgrades in the automotive sector will also propel the global Loudspeaker Subwoofer market to greater heights. Customers have the option to customize the Loudspeaker Subwoofer cabinet material based on their requirements. For instance, some applications require wooden Loudspeaker Subwoofer cabinets for technical purposes or to give the loudspeaker an aesthetic look. This service offered by the manufacturers will enable the global Loudspeaker Subwoofer market to grow. However, with respect to the acoustics, a Loudspeaker Subwoofer with 15-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch sound drivers are susceptible to distortion when compared to 10-inch, 12-inch, and 13-inch Loudspeaker Subwoofer sound drivers. Availability of cheap and poorly designed Loudspeaker Subwoofers is expected to challenge the growth of the global Loudspeaker Subwoofer market. Also, most Loudspeaker Subwoofers are extremely delicate and a tiny tear could destroy the quality of the sound. This factor restraints the growth of the global Loudspeaker Subwoofer market.

Loudspeaker Subwoofer: Market Segmentation – On the basis of end user, the global Loudspeaker Subwoofer market can be segmented into the following: Residential, Commercial; On the basis of application, the global Loudspeaker Subwoofer market can be segmented into the following: Car Audio, Home Audio, Cinema Sound, Sound Reinforcement, Other Applications

Loudspeaker Subwoofer Market: Regional Outlook – Among all the regions, North America holds the largest market share of the global Loudspeaker Subwoofer market and is anticipated to maintain a steady growth rate over the forecast period. The Loudspeaker Subwoofer market in Southeast Asia and others of Asia Pacific is expected to register the highest growth rate. The growth of Loudspeaker Subwoofer market in the SEA and others of APAC region is attributed to the ever-rising trend of research and development in Loudspeaker Subwoofer and loudspeaker related fields. China and Japan are expected to register a significant growth rate in the Loudspeaker Subwoofer market. The Loudspeaker Subwoofer market in Western and Eastern European countries is also expected to generate a steady growth rate during the forecast period. The rise in disposable income in the residential sector plays a major role in driving the overall growth of the global Loudspeaker Subwoofer market. Also, the ever-rising growth in the entertainment industry acts as a propellant for the global Loudspeaker Subwoofer market.

Loudspeaker Subwoofer Market: Key Players – Some prominent players in the global Loudspeaker Subwoofer market include, Klipsch Group, Inc.; Polk Audio; Yamaha Corporation; SVS Inc.; ELAC Electroacustic GmbH; Sonos, Inc.; Samsung; BIC America; Rockford Corp.; JL Audio; Alpine Electronics, Inc.; Kicker Audio (Stillwater Designs); MTX International; and Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., among others.

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