Laser Marking Equipment Market Analysis, Trends and Future Outlook, Size, Strategies and Forecasts to 2028


Laser Marking Equipment Market: Definition and Introduction: An effective marking solution is one of the key entity that every manufacturing unit requires for achieving dimensional accuracy in manufactured goods or articles. To meet this objective, laser technologies are utilized for developing this ideal tool commonly known as laser marking equipment. Laser technologies belong to the progressive methods of material printing.

The primary application of laser marking equipment is modular design and flexible machine concept for custom configuration. With increased level of marking precision and its applicability to variety of materials, surfaces and end user industries, usage of laser marking equipment is gaining traction across the globe.

Laser marking equipment is typically classified into four key types as: fiber, UV, denim and CO2 laser marking equipment. Utilization of laser marking equipment offers various benefits including effective marking, non-contracting, low operating cost, high processing efficiency, brand protection and anti-counterfeiting, etc.

Laser marking equipment is extensively used for the marking of printed circuits, plates, security systems, integration in the machining center, valve, engine parts, identification of machining tools, clothes and many more. Moreover, laser marking equipment finds application across various end-use industry such as aerospace, semiconductor, automotive, electronic, and clothing, etc.

Laser Marking Equipment Market Dynamics: In the automotive industry, vendors are shifting to automation to meet the desired significant standards for quality, which is one of the results of globalization and increasing population. Automotive industry is one of the key users of laser marking equipment, hence increase in its production output is expected to indirectly impact demand for laser marking equipment in positive manner.

In recent years, prominent end user industries of the laser marking equipment market, including aerospace, clothing, electronics, automotive and other industries have been performing well at the global level. These industries are vesting in new policies to tackle the challenges of increasing cost, lack of experience and technology gap. As the global economy continues to recover, automation and technological advancements are likely to become a more frequent industry phenomenon at the global level.

Industry leaders of various industries such as aerospace, clothing, electronics etc. are looking forward to increasing their business portfolios and to gain high market share by developing the new technologies in their portfolio. This is the key factor expected to witness the significant market value in global laser marking equipment during the forecast period. Relatively high cost of laser marking equipment estimated to be a prime factor to hamper the global market growth during the forecast period

Laser Marking Equipment Market: Segmentation: Global laser marking equipment market is segmented on the basis of product type, end-use industry, and regions as given below. On the basis of product type, global laser marking equipment market can be segmented as mentioned below: CO2 laser marking equipment, Fiber laser marking equipment, UV laser marking equipment, Denim laser marking equipment; On the basis of end-use industry, global laser marking equipment market can be segmented as mentioned below: Semiconductor industry, Aerospace Industry, Automotive Industry, Electronics Industry, Clothing Industry, Pharmaceutical Packaging

Laser Marking Equipment Market: Regional outlook: Geographically, laser marking equipment market can be segmented into seven key regions such as_ North America, Europe, Latin America, Middle East & Africa, Japan and South East Asia & Pacific. Owing to the rapidly growing new technologies in developed economies such as North America and Europe will create opportunities to laser marking equipment market players. Moreover, sustainable growth in Chinese electronics and the automotive industry will fuel the China laser marking equipment market during the forecast period.

Laser Marking Equipment Market: Key Players: The global Laser Marking Equipment market expected to be fragmented due to high presence of international and local market players. Some of the Laser Marking Equipment market participants identified across the value chain of global Laser Marking Equipment market which are as_ GD HAN’S YUEMING LASER GROUP CO., LTD, Coherent Inc. (Rofin Sinar),Epilog Laser, Laser star technologies, FOBA, Coherent, IPG Photonics, COUTH, Gravotech Marking, Hans YueMing Laser, Laser Machining Inc. LMI AB (LMI), Beamer Laser Marking Systems, TRUMPF, and many more.

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