Karaya Gum Market Higher Mortality Rates by 2027


India is likely to be targeted by the major players in karaya gum market owing to ease of availability of the resources coupled with ever-increasing from food and beverage and pharmaceuticals industry. It has been foreseen that local players are currently dominating the karaya gum market owing to cheaper availability of raw materials with growing focus on natural karaya gum portfolio. This in turn creates obstacle for the international players to sustain and further penetrate in karaya gum market. For catering to the emerging needs of consumers, manufacturers in karaya gum market at regional level have been taking immense efforts in strengthening their position by upgrading and updating their manufacturing facilities.

Increasing usage of karaya gum as emulsifier across in several product applications is likely to expand the product’s presence across food and beverage industry. In this biotechnological era, karaya gum are expected to serve as potential candidates and suspending agents for development of new drug delivery systems and products. Growing consumer awareness as well as sensitivity regarding food additives is expected to trend in karaya gum market in the forthcoming years. Personal care products industry will further stimulate the growth of karaya gum market with increasing usage of the product owing to its unique adhesive properties.

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Karaya gum is a sap-like material derived from a soft-wooded tree Sterculia urens which is native to India and Pakistan. It is used in the preparation of various pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and cosmetics. It is majorly used as a laxative to reduce constipation and as an aphrodisiac to stimulate sexual desire. Karaya gum is known by several other chemical and native names including Sterculia villosa, Sterculia urens, Sterculia tragacantha, Sterculia Gum, Sterculia, Mucara, Kullo, Katila, Kadira, Kadaya, Indian Tragacanth, Gomme de Sterculia, Gomme Sterculia, Gomme Kuteera, Gomme Karaya, Goma Karaya, Bassora Tragacanth, etc. Karaya Gum is denoted by E416 number in some food products. It is also used in conditions such as high plasma lipid levels, adhesive for dental implants, adhesive plasters, sore throat, diabetes, and wounds & bed sores.

Global Karaya Gum Market: Dynamics

Improving industrial sector especially for food and pharmaceutical especially in Asia Pacific primary drives the global karaya gum market growth during the forecast period. Additionally, macroeconomic factors making a positive impact on the global karaya gum market include increasing employment rate, changing consumer lifestyle, increasing per capita income as well as population, and growing domestic income. The significant trending factor for global karaya gum market includes merger and acquisition of karaya gum suppliers with end-use industry such as food and pharmaceuticals. The company manufacturing karaya gum products has a substantial opportunity in regions such as North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, attributed to rapidly growing healthcare sector over the forecast period.

Global Karaya Gum Market: Segmentation

The global karaya gum market is segmented by end-use industry, application, and by region. By end-use, the global karaya gum market is classified as food and beverages, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industry. Among the aforementioned segments, the food and beverages industry segment accounts for relatively high revenue share in the global karaya gum market over the forecast period followed by pharmaceutical industry, owing to rapidly growing food and pharmaceutical market across the globe.

Based on the end-use Industry, the global karaya gum market is segmented into:

Food and Beverages



Based on the application, the global karaya gum market is segmented into:



Thickening Agent




Global Karaya Gum Market: Regional Overview

By geographies, the global karaya gum market is segmented into seven regions — North America, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific except Japan (APEJ), Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East & Africa, and Japan. Among the regions, North America dominates the global karaya gum market in terms of value, owing to a significant revenue share of the region in the pharmaceutical market. Western Europe is followed by North America in the global karaya gum market, attributed to high demand for food products in the region. The APEJ is expected to account for relatively high volume share in the global karaya gum market, owing to rapidly growing food and pharmaceutical industry over the forecast period. Eastern Europe and Japan accounts for a moderate value share in the global karaya gum market. Latin America and Middle East Africa is expected to have a relatively low opportunity for the karaya gum market, owing to the moderately growing economy and industries in the regions.

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Global Karaya Gum Market: Key Players

Some of the prominent karaya gum market players include Andina Ingredients Ltd, Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC, AEP Colloids, Parchem fine & specialty chemicals, AEP Colloids Inc., Spectrum Chemical Mfg Co, PPA Inc., Gum Technology Corporation, and Sarda Gums & Chemicals.


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