Impact of Existing and Emerging Elastomeric Adhesives Market Trends And Forecast 2018-2028


Elastomeric Adhesives Market: Definition and Introduction – Elastomeric Adhesives are special type of adhesives whose base polymer is an elastomer material. An elastomer is a polymer which has the additional elastic properties that are normally associated with rubber compounds. The base elastomer material accounts for around 35% to 50% volume by weight of elastomeric adhesives. The various other typical ingredients used in the manufacturing of elastomeric adhesives includes fillers, plasticizers, curing agents, softeners, dispersing agents, antioxidants and solvents. Elastomeric adhesives are widely used for bonding between various different substrate types, including metal, wood and plastics. For best performance, primer materials are used on substrates before the application of elastomeric adhesives. However, various types of elastomeric adhesives that provide primer-less adhesion are also available. Elastomeric Adhesives are broadly categorized based on the material type into Silane Modified Polymers (SMP), Polyurethanes, and Silicones. End users need to decide the type of elastomeric adhesives that are preferable for their applications depending on the type of substrate being bonded, design of the joint, and external conditions the bonded surface is expected to face. Polyurethane based elastomeric adhesives turn into thermoset polymers after curing and provide effective chemical and solvent resistance to the bonded surface. Polyurethane as well as SMP based elastomeric adhesives provide effective adhesion and surface toughness for low temperature applications, with SMP based elastomeric adhesives offering more flexibility. Silicone based elastomeric adhesives perform exceptionally well in applications that require exposure to high temperatures.

Considering these aspects of the Elastomeric Adhesives, the study of the trends and forecasts of the Elastomeric Adhesives market becomes an important read.

Elastomeric Adhesives Market: Dynamics – Elastomeric adhesives provide certain special advantages over other types of adhesives, owing to the elasticity that is in the nature of their base polymers. Elastomeric adhesives provide excellent resistance to chemical hazards, shocks, thermal cycling, and vibration. Elastomeric adhesives are durable and moisture resistant, thus helping provide effective sealing functionality. The wide variety of material combinations available in elastomeric adhesives prove beneficial for highly distinct applications, ranging from cryogenic conditions to high temperature environments. The availability of elastomeric adhesives in multiple forms, such as s solutions & dispersions in organic solvents, pressure-sensitive films & tapes, latex cements, and solvent-free pastes/liquids ensures its application in a large number of end use scenarios. Elastomeric adhesives are the best suited adhesives when the target applications involve high impact, vibration or movement of the bonded joint. And especially when such joints involve the sticking together of different substrate types, elastomeric adhesives provide effective and reliable performance in such applications. Elastomeric adhesives are widely used in the automotive, marine, electrical appliance and building & construction sectors. Owing to the large variety of applications within the building & construction sector and the reliable performance of elastomeric adhesives, the sector is projected to be a key driver of market growth.

Elastomeric Adhesives Market: Segmentation – On the basis of type, the Elastomeric Adhesives market can be segmented as, Silane Modified Polymers (SMP), Polyurethanes, Silicones; On the basis of product type, the Elastomeric Adhesives market can be segmented as, Solutions & Dispersions, Latex Cements, Tapes and Films, Others; On the basis of adhesion type, the Elastomeric Adhesives market can be segmented as, Contact Type, Pressure Sensitive Type; On the basis of end use industry, the Elastomeric Adhesives market can be segmented as, Automotive, Transportation, Building & Construction, Electrical & Electronic Equipment, Others

Elastomeric Adhesives Market: Regional Outlook – Asia Pacific is expected to be a significant regional market for Elastomeric Adhesives, owing to a robust automotive industry and the huge building & construction sector. Fast growing economies in the region are witnessing rapid infrastructure development, which has acted as a stimulant for fast paced growth in the building & construction sector. Europe and North America markets are characterized by demand for high quality products and elastomeric adhesives that are free of isocyanate and solvents, leading to lower emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC). The key countries to watch in the Elastomeric Adhesives market include China, India, Indonesia, UK, Germany and the US.

Elastomeric Adhesives Market: Market Participants – Examples of some of the market participants identified in the Elastomeric Adhesives market include, Henkel Corporation, 3M Company, Master Bond Inc., Cemedine Co. Ltd, CRC Industries, Techniseal Inc. Polymeric Systems Inc., Avery Dennison, Sika Group, The APOC Company.

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