Hyundai Announces 2019 Plans for Touch ID-based Car Unlocking System in its Santa Fe SUV


Finger Print sensing technology in everyday applications, something which started with smartphones, has finally arrived in the automotive sector. Hyundai announced plans for its Santa Fe Model which will include finger print sensing lock system. The model will be available in the United States along with some select markets.

Unlocking a car with fingerprint is likely to become the new fad in the automotive sector, with more automakers likely to follow suit. Unlocking the car doors will be as swift and easy as unlocking and iPhone; once the feature is properly installed, the car doors will unlock as soon as the car senses the driver. A simple touch on the integrated small sensor on car’s door handle will unlock the car in no time.

Hyundai’s new technology prides of being extra secure and assures the customer with added layer of security from fingerprint theft. The electricity level in the various parts of the fingertip are recognized by the capacitance recognizing algorithm. As a result, thieves wouldn’t be able to unlock the car with a fingerprint on a piece of paper. What’s the chance of unlocking the car with someone else’s fingerprint? , One in 50,000.  According to Hyundai, It’s easy to hack a smart key than a fingerprint sensor.

A South Korean firm in partnership with Hyundai has made sure that the sensor learns about the driver with time and improves its security with a vigorous update system. With this system, Hyundai wants to make driving more comfortable by giving drivers access to individually customized profile which stores the climate control, media preferences and seat position data.

In the future, Hyundai plans to unroll features tailored specifically to driver’s preferences namely, steering wheel position and temperature adjustment, side view mirror’s position and many others. Hyundai is yet to announce many details about the feature. Currently Santa Fe is the only model announced by Hyundai to have the fingerprint feature, but it’s reasonable to expect the fingerprint feature to other models as well.  As of now, Hyundai is the first OEM to announce Touch ID-based car unlocking system.


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