How will the Growth Unfold for Horticulture Film Market Leaders?


Horticulture Film Market: Overview

Horticulture films are plastic films that are used for plants to retain moisture in the soil. Horticulture films are high performance greenhouse and tunnel films which delivers excellent agronomic results. Horticulture films also create better seed germination and stimulates the development of roots. As loss of moisture from the soil remains major problem in the dry regions, horticulture films are required to protect the soil from moisture loss. Also, horticulture films are designed to produce greenhouse effect, thereby helping plants to grow. These film is also helpful in achieving earlier harvest of crops such as maize etc.  Low profit margins are the norm and not the exception in the horticulture film market. To compound to this, agriculture packaging manufacturers have to share a fixed percentage of their profits with the authorized dealers irrespective of any fluctuations in raw material cost.

The report determines & examines the historical development trajectory of the global horticulture films market and provides forecasts regarding the growth of market from 2019 to 2029. The report also explains the role likely to be played by each segment of the market in the market’s growth and elaborates on the operations of the key manufacturers of horticulture films.

Horticulture Film Market: Segmentation

In the last decade, penetration of agriculture packaging market through Internet/E-commerce retailing has gained momentum, as it is perceived to be very convenient and economical for buyers to make purchase. Horticulture films are also used to modify weed growth, soil temperature to boost the market growth. Moreover, in order to secure crop yield, horticulture films must be durable.

A shift towards convenience packaging is assessed to be a prominent driver in the agriculture packaging market. Modern farmers are discerning customers who need low cost, high performance, flexible plastic sheets that can fit in a limited amount of space. This has led to innovative and creative solutions in the horticulture film market.

However, recent economic decline in economies across developed and developing regions could make it difficult for growth of the horticulture films market. These plastic films comprises of polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) material that are regarded to have adverse effects on the environment. Stringent FDA regulations comprising of restrictions on use of harmful chemical substances, and also various regulations for specific thickness, length and breadth on the plastic used for agriculture packaging have led to increase in demand for alternative environmentally friendly products.

Horticulture Film Market: Segmentation

On the basis of product type, global horticulture films can be segmented as mulch films, greenhouse films and ventilated stretch films. On the basis of material, global horticulture films can be segmented as: polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, PLA and Other types of plastics. On the basis of application, global horticulture films can be segmented by two types that are greenhouse film that includes greenhouse and macro tunneling and silage etc.

Horticulture Film Market: Key Players

BASF SE ,The DOW Chemical Company,Trioplast Industries AB,RPC bpi Agriculture Company,RKW Group,Polystar Plastics Ltd.,Mondi Group & Sigma Stretch Film Corp

Horticulture Film Market: Key Development

BASF SE has introduced new horticulture films that improves the properties of mulching and has light stablizers which provide protection against solar irradiation and agro-chemicals. The company launched polymer ecovio®M’ which contains bio-based content which is completely biodegradable. The advantage of film manufactured from these polymer is that farmers do not have to collect horticulture films after harvest and can plow it in directly which saves money as well as time.

In 2008, Trioplast Industries AB, a subsidiary of Altor Fund IV and a horticulture film manufac turing company had expanded its manufacturing capability by acquiring Ekoplast Emballage AB.

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