HDPE Jug Market Registering a Strong Growth by 2019-2029


Global HDPE Jug Market – Overview: For several years HDPE jugs are being used for packaging of several applications like food, beverages, chemicals, etc. Consumer brands across industries are looking for new designs in packaging like HDPE jug in order to grab consumer attention. HDPE jugs are design modifications implemented in regular packaging bottles in order to make them visually attractive. Jugs are commonly made of glass material. However, with extensive availability of cheaper polymers like HDPE, HDPE jugs market offer immense opportunities as compared to other types of plastic jugs. The global market for HDPE jug caters to specific market segments such as food & beverages, personal care & cosmetics, etc. The design of the HDPE jug modelled with an attractive appeal can be easily kept on retail shelves without wasting much space. Some of the HDPE jug are available with a handle which provide consumers with the ease and convenience to access the content within the jug. HDPE jug are preferred by consumers not only for its attractive features, but also for its reusability. All this factor have created growth opportunities for HDPE jug market over the forecast period.

Global HDPE Jug Market – Dynamics: The HDPE jug market is expected to grow significantly due to increasing trend for cheaper liquid packaging solutions. Manufacturers of HDPE jug are anticipated to consistently innovate in terms of jug designs and functionalities in order to sustain the preference among niche market segments. The global HDPE jug market is growing on the backdrop of FMCG sector growth along with changing food & beverages consumption pattern. Despite all the positive market situations for HDPE jug market, strict regulatory landscape and policy framework for the usage of plastic are likely to hamper the growth. Furthermore, biodegradable rigid packaging options available in the market are also expected to impede the global HDPE jug market during the forecast period.

Global HDPE Jug Market – Segmentation: The global HDPE jug market is segmented by shape, neck type, capacity, cap type, and end use. The pricing for HDPE jug has being done based on capacity segment in US$ million, and the volume is considered in number of units. On the basis of shape, the global HDPE jug market is segmented into – Round Jug, Square Jug, Handled Jug, Dispensing Jug. On the basis of neck type, the global HDPE jug market is segmented into -Narrow Mouth, Wide Mouth, On the basis of capacity, the global HDPE jug market is segmented into -Less than 500 ml, 501 ml – 1000 ml, 1001 ml – 2000 ml, 2001 ml & Above.

Global HDPE Jug Market – Regional Overview: Canada is expected to witness the highest growth in the North America HDPE jug market during the forecast period. In Asia Pacific region, India and China are expected to witness substantial growth for HDPE jug market. Moreover, the Europe HDPE Jug market is expected to witness lethargic growth during the forecast period due to strict norms related to ban on plastic products in the region.

Global HDPE Jug Market – Key Players: A few of the key players in the HDPE jug market are Burch Bottle & Packaging, Inc., United States Plastic Corporation, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Berlin Packaging, LLC, MJS Packaging Inc, Berry Global, Inc., Hazmatpac, Inc., etc. Some of the local and unorganized players are also anticipated to contribute to the HDPE jug market during the forecast period.

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