Growth of Lipari Foods gets a Boost by H.I.G Capital


The local wholesale distributor, Lipari continues to emerge as a successful player by maintaining an upscale growth trajectory. It is now acquired by H.I.G., an equity firm hailing from Miami. The equity firm hasn’t yet disclosed the terms and financials of the acquisition, however, it is known that the acquisition has been aimed at increasing the manufacturing and distribution efficiency of the company.

Lipari Foods consists of 6,000+ customers. The wholesaler proudly owns retail stores summing up to about 13,000, through 14 states in USA. The lucrative growth of Lipari, its unique selling proposition, thoughtful strategies, diversified portfolios of products, matchless distribution capabilities, and excellent manufacturing efficiencies has attracted H.I.G’s attention and has resulted in this acquisition.

Lipari Foods started its journey with a small grocery and has made it to a level where it has managed to partner with the funding mammoth to stride on the path of growth.

A Glance at the Lipari Food’s Background

Lipari, a regional food distributor is placed in Warren and makes an annual revenue of approximately $ 1bn. It laid its foundation by manufacturing and distributing BBQ sauce and running a full-fledged grocery store. However, the credits for streamlining Lipari goes to Frank’s Tea and Spice which approached Lipari Foods to be its distributor. Then onwards, it has been making uphill climbs in terms of revenue and expansion.

It intends at being the premier in the grocery story vicinity by distributing deli items, bakery items, meat & seafood, etc. It also distributes the products exclusively manufactured by Lipari such as Yoder’s, Wholey Seafood, Dairy Fresh, Michigan Brand, Seasonings from Lipari brand, etc.

2018 and Beyond for Lipari Foods

The year 2018 proved to be a year of expansion for Lipari Foods as it acquired 3 companies: Mediterranean food business Jerusalem Foods in Dearborn, Mich., Specialty deli wholesaler Heagy Foods in Lancaster, Pa and the cheese cutting and packaging business of distributor Jim’s Cheese in Waterloo, Wis. These acquisitions are said to have enhanced the distribution channels and offerings of over 25,000 products. Following the lucrative growth that it has made through these years, Lipari’s 2019 began on a happy note with a big break from H.I.G.

Since the time H.I.G laid its foundation, it has funded and worked on 300+ companies. Currently, it has got 100 companies listed in its portfolio and with its current investment, Lipari is expected to grow in terms of manufacturing and distribution.


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