Graphene Battery Market is Expected To Boom Due To The Number Of Research Undertaking


Global Graphene Battery Market: Introduction

The graphene battery is structured in a similar way to that of conventional batteries, where ion transfer is facilitated with the help of an electrolyte solution and two electrodes. The major difference between the solid state batteries and the graphene battery is in the composition of both or any one of the electrodes. The change in graphene battery basically lies in the cathode, but the utilization of carbon allotropes is also possible in the anode. The traditional battery cathode is composed of a solid state material, whereas cathode in the graphene battery is composed of graphene and a hybrid material containing a solid-state metallic material. In a graphene battery many graphene electrodes are fabricated and these electrodes operate in a similar way to that of traditional batteries. Pure graphene electrodes are not used in graphene battery. Graphene is used in graphene battery to improve the benefits already present in the conventional materials used in the traditional batteries and it also helps to overcome limitations already present in the batteries, resulting in increased battery performance or life. Some of the features of graphene battery are its lightweight, durability, chemically inert, have longer lifespan and better suited for high capacity energy storage. Graphene battery can be used to provide high power to electric drones, electric cars and other electronic devices. Graphene battery have exciting high potential but they are not commercially available yet, though the graphene battery finds its application in electronics, automotive, industrial robotics and aerospace & defense industries.

Global Graphene Battery Market: Dynamics

The benefits of graphene battery such as increased charging cycles, extended duration to hold charge, quick charging capacity and effectiveness in high temperatures are some of the major factors driving the growth of the graphene battery market over the forecast period. The rising number of prospective application of graphene battery in the automotive industry is a key factor anticipated to fuel the demand of the graphene battery market in the near future. The growing urbanization and industrialization in developing economies in various regions is anticipated to boost the graphene battery market during the forecast period. The increasing demand of graphene battery for electric vehicles in developed economies such as Europe and North America is anticipated to drive the growth of the graphene battery market. However the high cost of the graphene electrode material is a major factor restraining the growth of the graphene battery market. Another factor restricting the growth of the graphene battery market is lack of awareness about its technological potential.

Global Graphene Battery Market: Competition Landscape

Key Vendors

Some of the key vendors in graphene battery market are SiNode Systems, Inc., Graphenano S.l., Graphene NanoChem PLC, XG Sciences, Inc., Angstron Materials Inc., Graphene 3D Lab Inc., Vorbeck Materials, NanoXplore Inc., Cambridge Nanosystems Ltd., Grupo Graphenano and Graphene Batteries AS.

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Global Graphene Battery Market: Regional Outlook

Geographically, the graphene battery market can be segmented into North America, Western Europe, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Middle East and Africa (MEA) and Japan.

Currently Europe dominates the graphene battery market in terms of graphene production, as majority of the graphene materials suppliers are based in this region. Asia Pacific is anticipated to surpass the Europe graphene battery market in the near future attributed to rise in sales of electric vehicles as well as growth of the aerospace market which includes small satellites such as Nanosat and Cubesat, USV and UAVs. Graphene battery market in North America is also anticipated to grow significantly due to growing environment awareness among customers and increasing government subsidies. Due to favourable government initiatives towards adoption of low emission technology the graphene battery market in Norway is likely to witness a strong growth.


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