Global Motorcycle Hub Motor Market research Pegged for Robust Expansion During 2018 – 2028


Motorcycle Hub Motor Market: Introduction

The motorcycle hub motors are generally used in an electric motorcycle to provide traction by converting stored electric energy to motive power. Motorcycle hub motors are integrating into the wheel-hub to provide traction, it has basically two type of arrangements or possibilities of fitting in an electric motorcycle which is direct connection and wheel hub with an additional gearbox. Through Direct connection low-speed with high torque can be attained however incorporation of wheel hub with an additional gearbox facilitate speed and torque according to requirement. This motorcycle hub motor helps in reducing the fuel consumption and also reduces maintenance costs of the motorcycle, which in turn, extend the motorcycle life. The motorcycle hub motor arrangement is a significant step towards vehicular emission control. Moreover, the compact size, flexibility, energy efficient and lightweight are the advantages of the traction through motorcycle hub motor.

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Motorcycle Hub Motor Market: Market Dynamics

The main factor behind the growth of the motorcycle hub motor market is the changing preference of general population towards electric vehicle owing to raising awareness of Co2 emission and its effect of health and global warming, coupled with the stringent government regulation to control co2 emission triggered the sales of electric motorcycle, in turn creating the demand for motorcycle hub motors. Also, the increased production capacity, expansion, collaboration as well as high spending by major market participants to make more efficient electric vehicle will also contribute towards the growth of motorcycle hub motor market over the forecast period. Moreover

On the other hand lack of awareness of general population related to motorcycle hub motors is expected to restraint to the market. Moreover, the integration of this motor in aftermarket requires skilled personnel, lack of expertise can also hinder the growth of motorcycle hub motors. Also, the presence of alternative such as mid-drive motors will also affect the demand for motorcycle hub motors market. However, the current trend to use better technology and equipment to get better results will increase the demand for marine motorcycle hub motor during the forecast period.

Motorcycle Hub Motor Market: Market Segmentation

  • On the basis of type of arrangement, the Motorcycle Hub Motor market can be segmented as follows: The direct-drive motor The geared motor
  • On the basis of Capacity, the Motorcycle Hub Motor market can be segmented as follows: Below 1500 W 1500 to 3000W above 3000 W
  • On the basis of sale channels, the Motorcycle Hub Motor Market can be segmented as follows: Aftermarket Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
  • On the basis of the type of motorcycle, the Motorcycle Hub Motor Market can be segmented as follows: Standard Cruiser Sports bikes Others

Motorcycle Hub Motor Market: Regional Outlook

China holds a major share in the production global motorcycle hub motor market being the global manufacturing hub. Western Europe and North America are projected to be major consumers of motorcycle hub motors owing to the extensive production and sales of the electric motorcycle with in-wheel hub motors. The growing sales of the electric motorcycle are due to changing preference and growing awareness of the general population towards environmental aspects. The Asia Pacific is expected to show significant growth in the forecast period owing to government initiatives in the countries, such as India to promote manufacturing.  Rest of the world is estimated to account for a relatively small share of the underground mining equipment market.

Motorcycle Hub Motor Market: Market Participants

Some of the examples of the market participants operating across the value chain of the global Motorcycle Hub Motor Market are:

  • Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG
  • Michelin Group
  • Protean Electric Ltd.
  • Elaphe Ltd
  • SIM-Drive Corporation
  • TDCM Corporation Ltd.
  • GO SwissDrive AG
  • Magnetic Systems Technology Ltd.
  • Taizhou Quanshun Motor Co., Ltd
  • Mitsubishi Motors

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