Global Metro Train Lighting Market to Witness Stellar CAGR During the Forecast Period


Metro Train Lighting Market: Introduction: Population growth, traffic congestion and expansion of cities have invariably called for a shift from private modes of conveyance to public transport such as metro trains. Metro trains are rapid transit systems used as a mode of transportation. They are used in metro cities or metropolitan areas that have a large population with high capacity and frequency. The increasing demand for metro trains is expected to indirectly spur the demand for metro train lighting. Metro train lighting is used for various purposes in both external and internal applications such as finding track path, cabin interior and others. Furthermore, various types of lighting are used in rapid transit systems, such as halogen, fluorescent, xenon and LED. However, the demand for LED lights is increasing in metro trains due to their low electricity consumption. Thus, the demand for LED lights is expected to proportionately will grow with the increase in the number of metro trains projects.

Metro Train Lighting Market: Dynamics: Attributing to continuous growth in urban population, congestion on roads, private vehicle ownership and fragility of public transportation systems, the demand for urban transit systems is increasing day by day. Moreover, increasing air pollution has become a serious concern and transportation has added much to it. Therefore, metro trains have become a good viable option, which in turn will spur the demand for metro train lighting systems. Also, regulations related metro train lights coupled with increase in demand for comfort & luxury to drive the for metro train lighting system market. In addition, advancement in lighting solutions offers a new business opportunity for metro lighting system manufacturers. However, lack of standardization and high production cost are major challenges for manufacturers for metro train lighting system market.

Metro Train Lighting Market: Trends/Regional Trends: Rapid urbanization around the world has resulted in the construction of more than dozens of new metros and subway systems or expansion of existing metro lines. Some of the ongoing metro projects are: Guangzhou Metro (China), Paris Metro (France), Madrid Metro (Spain), Tokyo Subway (Japan), and New York Subway to name a few.

According to estimates, around the world, 158 cities have metro systems and two-thirds of these networks are located in Europe and Asia (46 and 54 respectively). There are 18 systems in Latin America, 16 in both Eurasia and North America and 7 in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Also, the world’s busiest/biggest metro network is in Tokyo with approximately 3.5 Billion passenger journeys per year. Over the year, Beijing and Shanghai have experienced even more significant passenger growth. In Asia, metro trains carry 80 Million of passenger per day, nearly half the world total. In North America and Western Europe, Paris and New York City have the highest ridership per year. Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe train lighting markets are anticipated to register healthy growth despite economic uncertainties in the forthcoming years. Additionally, anticipated favorable economic growth in Brazil and Mexico is expected to lead to substantial market growth, due to improvements in infrastructure in the region.

Metro Train Lighting Market: Segmentation: On the basis of train type, the metro train lighting market has been segmented into: Man Metro Train Lighting System,Unmanned Metro Train Lighting System,On the basis of position, the metro train lighting market has been segmented into: ,,Interior Metro train Lighting Systems,Exterior Metro train Lighting Systems,On the basis of power, the metro train lighting market has been segmented into: ,,High Power Metro Train lighting Systems,Medium Power Metro Train lighting Systems,Low Power Metro Train lighting Systems

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Metro Train Lighting Market: Market Participants: Examples of some of the market participants/vendors identified in the metro train lighting market across the globe are: Federal Mogul,Toshiba,General Electric,Hitachi Ltd.,Grupo Antolin,Teknoware,Dräxlmaier,Koito


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