Global Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable Market to Witness Exponential Rise in Revenue Share During the Forecast Period


Intravitreal (IVT) injectable are one of the fastest growing procedures in ophthalmology and their increasing adoption represents one of the most dynamic areas of innovation over the past decade for the treatment of eye diseases. Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable considerably minimizes systemic exposure, and bypasses the eye’s natural barriers. This allows for intraocular levels of drug which are not obtainable with systemic or even topical administration. Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable have become a popular method of treatment for many retinal diseases, such as AMD, Diabetic Retinopathy, and Retinal Vein Occlusions.  The frequency of Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable have increased significantly since the introduction of Anti-VEGF medications.  Intravitreal (IVT) injectable is an important procedure that ophthalmologists and retinal specialists use on a daily basis, and it is important to master the techniques of effective injections for patient safety and reduction of complications.

Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable Market: Drivers and Restraints: The growing prevalence and recurrence of eye diseases is expected to be the major factor driving the growth of the Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable market over the forecast period. As per an article published by International Ophthalmology Clinics, the number of Intravitreal (IVT) injectable administered in the United States (estimated from Medicare procedure codes) rose from <3000 per year in 1999 to >1 million in 2008. Considering the aging population and expanding indications, the number of Intravitreal (IVT) injections are estimated to have reached nearly 6 million in 2016. Sedentary lifestyle and eyestrain owing to over-use, or medication are attributed to the growing prevalence of eye diseases. Research and product development is another factor contributing to the growth of the global Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable market. However, costs associated and lack of awareness about Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable market are some of the factors restraining the growth of Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable market.

Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable Market: Segmentation: Tentatively, the global Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable market can be segmented on the basis of product type, indication, distribution channel, and geography. Based on Injectable Type, the global Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable market is segmented as: Amikacin,Amphotericin B,Bevacizumab,Cefazolin or ceftazidime,Clindamycin,Dexamethasone,Foscarnet,Ganciclovir,Methotrexate,Tobramycin,Triamcinolone,Vancomycin,Voriconazole,Others; Based on product type, the global Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable market is segmented as: AMD (neovascular age related macular degeneration), Retinal Vein Occlusions, CSME/PDR (clinically significant macular edema/ proliferetive diabetic retinopathy), Endophthalmitis, Uveitis, CME (cystoid macular edema), CNVM (choroidal neovascular membrane) secondary to multiple retinal diseases; Based on distribution channel, the global Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable Market is segmented as: Hospitals, Specialty Clinics, Academic & Research Centers.

Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable Market: Overview: The global market for Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable is expected to witness moderate growth over the forecast period. There is a moderate competition key players for Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable as there are various other alternatives for diagnosing and eye diseases. Hospitals are expected to contribute high share in the global Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable market as it is the most accessible channel and majority of the patients are recommended for it.

Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable Market: Regional Outlook: Based on geography, global Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable Market is segmented into six key regions viz. North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific Excluding China, China and Middle East & Africa. North America, specifically U.S is expected to register the largest revenue share in the global Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable Market followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific. Developing healthcare infrastructure in emerging countries of Asia Pacific are expected to drive the Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable Market in the region during the forecast period. North America is projected to have the fastest growth, owing to increasing spending on healthcare. Developing countries in the region are likely to witness a moderate demand for Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable in the next few years

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Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable Market: Key Players: Examples of some of the key players operating in the global Intravitreal (IVT) Injectable market Surgitrac Instruments UK Limited, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc, Salar Surgical and others.


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