Global Feed Premix Market to Reach US$ 13.5 Billion Through 2026

Feed Premix Market

The worldwide market for feed premix is estimated to touch valuation of US$ 9.7 Billion before the finish of 2018 and is determined to reach US$ 13.5 Billion before the conclusion of 2026 in revenue terms. The worldwide estimation of this market will record a development of 4% over 2018-2026. The expanding requirement for meat and meat items in each region is the main aspect that increases the development of the market. There has been a positive connection between the dimension of GDP per capita and per capita meat utilization, wherein, nations with higher GDP per capita display a higher meat utilization pattern. With the expansion in world populace, the requirement for food generation, worldwide, has been on the ascent too. Combined with the growth in GDP per capita in different emerged nations, the need for meat and meat items is growing. To satisfy the requirement for high-quality meat items, the animal husbandries are settling on healthful arrangements, for example, feed premix to augment their yields. Thus because of the expanded utilization of meat items, there is an appeal for feed premix in the market.

The different types of feed premix in the worldwide market are amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and other ingredients. Among these, the amino acids category will capture the biggest share in the overall market. During 2018, it will account for 71.6% of the overall market share, & touch up to 73.8% share before 2026 end. In terms of the livestock segments, the worldwide market are categorized into aquatic, swine, ruminants, poultry and others (includes pets and horses). Of these, the poultry category is projected to be leading in the worldwide market for feed premix, with an overall sales revenue share of 45.3% before the conclusion of 2018, & will drop to 44% through the conclusion of 2026. Trailed by poultry, the ruminants category captures the second-biggest share in the overall market. By 2018, the revenue share will reach 29.7%, & is likely to touch 31.1% through 2026 end. These two categories will account for 50% of the overall market share.

In terms of the region, the APAC regional market is anticipated to account for the maximum market share, as a result of the higher number of meat customers in the region. Trailed by APAC, the Europe regional market is likely to account for the second-biggest market share on the basis of sales revenue for the duration of the forecast.

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The foremost companies active in the worldwide market includes Purina Animal Nutrition LLC, The Archer Daniels Midland Company, Koninklijke DSM N.V., Nutreco N.V., Alltech, Inc., Novus International, Inc., Kemin Industries, Lexington Enterprises Pte. Ltd., Zinpro Corporation, Neovia SARL, Avícola de Tarragona S.A., Royal Agrifirm Group, Masterfeeds L.P., LOTUS MINECHEM RESOURCES PVT. LTD., Dakahlia Group, Shenzhen Jinxinnong Technology Co., Ltd., Titan Pharma (India) Pvt Ltd. and others.


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