Garmin to Enter Into a Partnership with the Medical Wearable Firm

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Garmin to illustrate its focus on health segment with the latest collaboration

Garmin, a leading manufacturer of wearable devices, highlighted its interest in medical field, with the partnership with ActiGraph, the manufacturer of medical-grade monitor. With this partnership, Garmin would aim on wearables for patient care and medical research. Garmin and ActiGraph, together would apply the CetrePoint data analytics platform provided by ActiGraph to the consumer-grade wearables provided by Garmin.

The global product lead at Garmin Health, Travis Johnson said that Garmin Health team is eager to collaborate with the globally identified company, ActiGraph, which shares a commitment of engineering for pioneering high quality and trust worthy solutions. Travis further added that by combining the sensor data from wearables designed by Garmin, with the analytical expertise of ActiGraph platform, they would create powerful solutions for the various patient monitoring needs.

Jereny Wyatt, the chief technology officer and senior vice president of product development at ActiGraph stated his views that Garmin design accurate data streams and high-resolution which is well-suited for scientific analysis as well as provides novel and added endpoints to the software platform provided by ActiGraph. He further added saying that the ergonomic structure and design and the long battery life of the wearables of Garmin allow the participants in the study to wear the device comfortably for an extended period of time, which leads to the enhanced study results and adherence to program.

Combining Wearable Expertise with Data Analytics Excellence

As a vital and significant medical and health tool, the wearables are expected to possess great opportunities in the forthcoming years. Garmin extends its commitment towards developing next-generation wearables that could lead to recognition and accurate detection of severe health conditions, while also playing a major role in development of digital and conventional therapeutics. The collaboration with ActiGraph, for developing solutions for researchers, would drive the developments and eventually enhance the outcomes of health and improve the daily lives of most people.

Garmin’s fitness vertical is constantly expanding and develops technologies for enhancement and promotion of active and healthy lives. The enterprise solutions provided by Garmin Health leverage Garmin wearables and harness the sensor data that is high in quality produced by Garmin for application in population health, patient monitoring and corporate wellness markets. Such collaborations are not just impacting the smart wearables market, but also bringing notable transformations in the way health is monitored and managed.


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