FMI Releases New Report on the Synephrine Market 2018-2028


Synephrine Market Outlook – Synephrine is the extract of Citrus aurantium that is used as a dietary supplement or as an ingredient in nutraceuticals for weight reduction. There are many health benefits of synephrine, but its consumption should be very less as adverse symptoms are observed in humans due to excessive consumption. Two different grades of synephrine are available in the market depending upon its end uses. The pharma grade synephrine is a pure form and is also very expensive. Synephrine is known to increase energy expenditure by increasing glucose uptake and facilitating the breakdown of fats.

There are no clinical studies about the effectiveness of synephrine as a weight loss agent, but this hasn’t reduced the sales of the supplements containing synephrine. The use of synephrine in food products is very limited. It is mostly present in a sports drink or in marmalades unknowingly. But its major use is in the dietary supplements and in nutraceutical powders that are used by people for obesity.

Ban on Ephedra Resulted in the Extensive Use of Synephrine in Dietary Supplements – Synephrine has become very popular among the manufacturers of dietary supplements which are specifically produced to curb obesity. It has been known to dispel bloating and result in the loss of appetite after its intake and thus it is one of the main ingredients in many of the dietary supplements. But synephrine gained recognition only after ephedra-containing supplements were banned in the year 2004 by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The supplements which were launched after the ephedra ban was termed as ‘ephedra-free’ and the main ingredient in these products was synephrine.

Synephrine has had a very negative light due to many research reports specifying the side effects due to the use of synephrine in humans. There is also an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases in the person consuming synephrine on a regular basis. But the synephrine alkaloid isomers, p-synephrine, and m-synephrine have different effects on the human body. The p-synephrine is known to reduce obesity but m-synephrine has the potential to increase blood pressure in humans. Thus, dietary supplements contain p-synephrine and not the other isomers.

Synephrine Market: Segmentation – The Citrus aurantium can be segmented on the basis of form, grade and end use. On the basis of form, the Citrus aurantium market can be segmented as: Powder, Liquid; On the basis of grade, the Citrus aurantium market can be segmented as: Pharma Grade, Food Grade; On the basis of end use, the Citrus aurantium market can be segmented as: Dietary Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Food Processing

Synephrine Market: Regional Analysis – Regulations on legal limit of the Citrus aurantium in dietary supplements is being brought by the Dutch authorities. The regulations in European countries itself vary from each other as the French government approves 20mg of Synephrine in the food supplements whereas, in Italy, 30 mg of synephrine from a natural source is approved.

The use of Synephrine is more prevalent in the United States and is mostly used as a dietary supplement for weight reduction. In the Asia Pacific and Latin America, the use of synephrine is very limited and the consumer awareness about it is also very less except for China. The use of Synephrine i.e., bitter orange peel extract in China has been used in their traditional medicine since a very long time. Also, the demand for synephrine is very high from the big companies that are manufacturing dietary supplements because of the known health benefits and increasing demand from the consumers.

Synephrine Market: Key Participants – Some of the key market participants in the synephrine market are: Sigma-Aldrich, Chengdu Hawk Bio-Engineering Co. Ltd, Nutra Green Biotechnology Co. Ltd., Foodchem International Corporation, Fengchen Group Co. Ltd, NANS Products, LGM Pharma, Hangzhou Greensky Biological Tech.Co. Ltd, Shanghai Passiono International Co. Ltd.

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