Fenchol Market Pegged for Robust Expansion During 2018-2028


Fenchol Market: Introduction – Fenchol, also known as Fenchol, (1s-endo)-isomer or fenchyl alcohol, is an isomer of terpineol (monoterpene alcohol). It has the chemical formula 1,3,3- trimethyl -2- norbornanol. Fenchol is a colorless to pale yellow solid and is widely used as a flavoring ingredient with pine, herbal, lemon or floral notes. Furthermore, Fenchol is used as a chemical intermediate in the esterification process with various organic acids, expanding its usage in flavors and fragrances industry. Fenchol is insoluble in water. However, it is mostly soluble in organic solvents. Fenchol finds applications in various foods and beverages, fine fragrances, perfumes, cosmetics and various other personal care products. Fenchol is a sweet, bitter and lime-like flavoring compound used as a flavoring agent in the food and beverages industry. The demand for Fenchol is expected to increase in near future due to its increasing usage as a chemical intermediate in a wide range of products.

Fenchol Market: Dynamics – The global Fenchol market is expected to witness healthy growth during the forecast period. Some of the key factors expected to support the growth in demand for Fenchol during the forecast period are rapid urbanization, increasing population and increasing disposable income. Furthermore, changing lifestyle, changing demographics and shifting consumer preferences are leading to increasing penetration of personal care and cosmetic products, which in turn, is driving the demand for chemical intermediates and ingredients, such as Fenchol. Similarly, increasing purchasing power of the middle-class population and growing urbanization have also boosted the use of cosmetics, which in turn, has been driving the Fenchol market. Fenchol is a non-toxic chemical and is used extensively as a flavoring agent. Although, Fenchol is non-toxic, its recommended usage level in fragrances is 4%.

Increasing raw material cost and production cost are expected to be major constraints for the growth of the Fenchol market during the forecast period. Another factor anticipated to restrain the growth of the Fenchol market is availability of a large number of alternatives and substituents to Fenchol.

However, factors, such as growing economic prosperity, improved living standards and increasing purchasing power, are enabling people to invest on products that were earlier unaffordable. This will support the increase in demand for consumer products, such as cosmetics, personal care and home care products, among others. This, in turn, will also drive the growth of the Fenchol market. Additionally, the growth of the global Fenchol market is also being driven by the robust growth being witnessed in the food and beverages industry across the globe. Food and beverages manufacturers are increasingly focusing on enhancing the flavor and taste of their various offerings. This will create opportunities for various Fenchol market participants during the forecast period.

Fenchol Market: Segmentation – On the basis of application, the global Fenchol can be segmented into: Food Additives, Perfume Ingredients; On the basis of purity, the global Fenchol can be segmented into: Less Than 95% Purity, More Than 95% Purity

Fenchol Market: Regional Overview – Europe is estimated to dominate the global Fenchol market and will be followed by North America. In Europe, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland are expected to hold significant shares in the Fenchol market. The Fenchol market in Europe is expected to grow at a relatively moderate pace. However, increased manufacturing capacity and steady economic growth in Asia Pacific are expected to create substantial growth opportunities in the Fenchol market during the forecast period. Additionally, increasing population and rapid urbanization coupled with increasing expenditure income of middle-class population across Asia Pacific will further lead to creation of significant growth opportunities during the forecast period. Emerging economies of Latin America, such as Chile, Brazil and Argentina, are expected to push the growth of the Fenchol market during the forecast period.

Fenchol Market: Market Participants – Some of the market participants identified across the value chain of the global Fenchol market are: Advanced Biotech,Foreverest Resources Ltd.,Nanning Venusson Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.,Beijing Qiannianren Shengwu Technology Co., Ltd.,Merck KGaA,Musk & Fragrances,Takasago International Corporation.

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