Extrusion Press Market Expansion to be Persistent During 2018-2028

Extrusion Press Market

Extrusion press is an industrial equipment used to create parts and components of fixed cross-sectional profiles. In an extrusion press, a material is pushed through a die of the desired cross-section to produce a part of that shape. It has several advantages over the other manufacturing processes for material forming such as the ability to create complex cross-sectional parts and surfaces and ability to work with both brittle and ductile materials. Further, with the cold extrusion process, high mechanical properties can be achieved with a superior surface finish.

Two type of extrusion presses are extensively used in production processes, i.e. short stroke extrusion press and long stroke extrusion press. In the extrusion process, different materials are used to produce products for different applications. For example, a metal extrusion press produces metal parts and products such as sheets, pipes, tubes, machine parts and automotive parts. A plastic extrusion press is used in the production of plastic tubes, rods, pipes, seals, rails and sheets or films. A ceramic extrusion press is used to produce pipes and modern bricks. A variety of extrusion presses are available, depending on the mode of operation. These include automatic, semi-automatic and manual, depending up the requirement and properties of the material.

Extrusion Press Market: Dynamics: Extrusion presses are extensively used globally in various manufacturing industries, due to their numerous advantages over the manufacturing processes for material forming. An extrusion press has a high extrusion ratio and can create complex cross-sections as the material only encounters shear and compressive stresses. These factors are expected drive the growth of the market during the forecast period. Furthermore, the increasing demand for metal parts with better surface finish in automotive, construction and aerospace industries is pushing the growth of the extrusion press market.

For the installation of an extrusion plant, high initial investment is required and an extrusion press is also associated with high maintenance and operating costs. Additionally, high comprehensive force is required to operate the machine, which is expected to hamper the growth of the market.

Extrusion Press Market: Segmentation: On the basis of type, the global extrusion press market has been segmented into: Short Stroke Extrusion Press, Long Stroke Extrusion Press; On the basis of process, the global extrusion press market has been segmented into: Direct Extrusion, Indirect Extrusion; On the basis of operating temperature, the global extrusion press market has been segmented into: Hot Extrusion, Cold Extrusion; On the basis of material, the global extrusion press market has been segmented into: Metals, Ceramic, Plastic; On the basis of operation, the global extrusion press market has been segmented into: Automatic Extrusion Press, Semi-Automatic Extrusion Press, Manual Extrusion Press

Extrusion Press Market: Regional Outlook: Asia Pacific is expected to be a lucrative market for extrusion presses over the forecast period, owing to the growth of the manufacturing industry in the region. Countries such as China, India and Japan are expected to register significant growth in the market, due to the increasing industrial automation and surging demand for industrial machinery. Furthermore, the increasing demand for complex cross-sectional products and precise surface finish with better mechanical properties is a prominent major driving the growth of the extrusion press market in Europe.

North America is expected to register significant growth in the market, owing to the increasing demand for complex and high quality products in aerospace and automotive industries. The Middle East & Africa region is anticipated to witness promising growth in the extrusion press market over the forecast period.

Extrusion Press Market: Market Participants: Some of the market participants in the global extrusion press market are: Tecalex, UBE Machinery Corporation, Ltd., Eagle Extrusion Pvt. Ltd., DANIELI, M Controls, Kautec Solutions, Presezzi Extrusion S.p.A., Sidhanath Hydraulics, New Air Technical Services Limited, Tirupati Industries, Yuen-Sun Machinery Co., Ltd., JLM Jinli Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd., Suzhou Boarding Industrial Co., Ltd.

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