Enteric Softgel Capsules Market Trends, Regulations And Competitive Landscape Outlook to 2028


Enteric softgel capsules are the softgel capsules manufactured using enteric coating method, are an oral dosage form of health supplements or medicines. Entering coating of softgel capsules involves the application of a polymer coating to softgel capsules to prevent various properties such as pH value, odor, and taste of the pharmaceutical product or medicine.

Enteric softgel capsules are commonly a combination of gelatin, glycerin or sorbitol, opacifier, and water. However, manufacturers in the enteric softgel capsules market have been able to replace gelatin in the shell surrounding the softgel capsule by other non-gelatin polymers, such as polymers manufactured using starch.

Players in the enteric softgel capsules market are offering content uniformity, oral bioavailability, and liquid as well as semi-solid formulations of medications by introducing high-quality enteric softgel capsules. Growing popularity of softgel format of medication is further encouraging manufacturers in the enteric softgel capsules market to invest in advanced manufacturing technologies to introduce high-quality enteric softgel capsules.

Leading Manufacturers Expanding Production Capabilities Indicate Growth of the Enteric Softgel Capsules Market: As consumers are shifting from dietary supplements in the form of pills to softgel capsules, the enteric softgel capsules market is gaining momentum. A major factor boosting demand for enteric softgel capsules is the escalation of R&D activities directed towards improving bioavailability of new drugs. Leading manufacturers of enteric softgel capsules are focusing on accelerating production to cater to the increasing demand for health supplements and pharmaceuticals in the form of softgel capsules.

Catalent Pharma Solutions, an American player in the enteric softgel capsules market, recently announced that it will soon invest over US$ 5 million in its new drug development center at its Somerset, New Jersey facility. With this investment, the company is aiming to improve its expertise in the capsule coating technology, which will ultimately help it to establish a stronger presence in the enteric softgel capsules market. The company also invested US$ 7.3 million to upgrade and expand its softgel encapsulation facility in Aprilia, Italy.

The Aenova Group, another leading manufacturer in the enteric softgel capsules market, announced that it is investing around 14 million euros to increase the production of softgel capsules in its Cornu, Romania facility by 40% in the upcoming years.

Lonza Group, a Swiss chemical and biotechnology company, recently declared that it is aiming to expand and upgrade its clinical and commercial encapsulation capabilities in North America. With the incorporation of technologically advanced manufacturing methods, leading players in the enteric softgel capsules market are reducing complexity, cost, and drug development timelines, to ultimately improve the business efficiency and productivity.

High Cost and Shelf-life Stability Concerns Create Major Challenges for Enteric Softgel Capsules Market Players: Despite numerous advantages of enteric softgel capsules, its adoption is restricted due to its shelf-life stability problems, which are commonly faced by consumers when enteric softgel capsules are stored for more than six months. The dynamic nature of enteric softgel capsules make it challenging to optimize its shelf-life and chemical stability more challenging for manufacturers.

Furthermore, as elaborate machinery is used in the production of enteric softgel capsules, its production cost continues to remain much higher than ordinary tablets and pills. Leading manufacturers in the enteric softgel capsules market are concentrating their efforts on adopting innovative methods to improve chemical stability and mitigate production cost of enteric softgel capsules, which may enhance the growth parameters of enteric softgel capsules market.

Increasing Vegan Population may Trigger Demand for Non-gelatin Based Enteric Softgel Capsules:  A majority of enteric softgel capsules involve the coating of gelatin, which is typically manufactured using animal skin or bones, which makes it a non-vegetarian ingredient. With growing awareness about negative environmental impacts of the animal industry and increasing health concerns, a mounting number of consumers are becoming vegetarian and, thereby, veganism is becoming a mainstream trend. This is likely to make a significant impact on the dynamics of enteric softgel capsules market in the upcoming years.

Manufacturers in the enteric softgel capsules market are concentrating on manufacturing enteric softgel capsules using non-gelatin ingredients to cater the increasing demand from the vegetarian consumer base across the globe. Vegetarian alternatives to gelatin are likely to find more applications in the enteric softgel capsules market in the coming future. Leading manufacturers in the enteric softgel capsules market are investing heavily in R&D to discover vegetarian substitutes to gelatin to make enteric softgel capsules safer and appropriate to consume for a rapidly-expanding vegetarian consumer base across the world.

Enteric Softgel Capsules Market Segmentation: The enteric softgel capsules market is broadly segmented according to the location of installation, energy factor, product type, technology, end-users, and distribution channels.

Based on product type, the enteric softgel capsules market is segmented as: Gelatin enteric softgel capsules, Non-gelatin enteric softgel capsules; Based on its end-use applications, the enteric softgel capsules market is segmented as: Pharmaceuticals, Medical and Health Supplements; Based on its sales channels, the enteric softgel capsules market is segmented as:  Pharmacy/Drug Store, Supermarket/Hypermarket, Online Providers

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