Emerging Opportunities in Alginate Films Market with Current Trends Analysis

Alginate Films Market

Alginate is a naturally occurring polysaccharide derived from brown algae species used in the bio-industry. Alginate films help in improving and extending the shelf life quality of fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, and seafood. Alginate films are used in various end-use industries such as food, beverage, textile, printing & pharmaceutical industry. Alginate films are produced by casting and characterized in terms of mechanical properties such as tensile strength, water sensitivity and morphology, and are therefore highly preferred as a desirable packaging material, especially from food packaging industry. In the alginate film structure, the cross-linker should be consider by taking into account M/G (mannuronic/ guluronic) ratio , since high contents of the M leads to fragile & flexible films. Growing demand from the food packaging industry is expected to be a key contributor to growth of the global Alginate films market. The outlook for growth of the global Alginate films market is expected to be positive during the forecast period.

Alginate Films Market: Dynamics: The global packaging industry has undergone significant transformation in the last couple of decades, leading to an absolute need for customization and higher standards for safety of product during transit. High penetration of modern retail formats, especially in populated emerging economies of China & India, are expected to spearhead the growth of the global alginate films market. Despite the positive factors, there are certain factors which hinder the growth of the global alginate films market. High price of alginate films can hamper the growth of the global alginate films market. The processing cost and labor cost of alginate films is comparatively higher than the normal plastic. In addition to this, alginate films packaged products faces competition from the conventional plastic products. Urban consumers that are well aware of rising landfilling issue are preferring cheaper eco-friendly products such as jute bags, trays of clamshells etc. Alginate films manufacturers are focusing towards the high-quality alginate films manufacturing which is expected to create an optimistic outlook for the growth of the global alginate films market, during the forecast period. Global companies initiative will further encourage consumers to use alginate films packaging products. Therefore, alginate films packaging market has great opportunities in the upcoming years.

Alginate Films Market: Segmentation: The global alginate films market has been segmented as follows – On the basis of end-use industry,the global alginate films market has been segmented as: Food & Beverage Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Textile & Printing Industry, Others

Alginate Films Market: Key Players: Few of the leading players operating in the global alginate films market are – KIMICA, Celanese Corporation, Innovia Films, Inc.

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