Elastography Imaging Market : Evolving Technology, Trends and Industry Analysis 2019-2029


Elastography is a medical imaging technique used to measure elastic properties and stiffness of the soft tissues. Ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging are the most common elastography technique used to make stiffness map, determination of several diseases in the body. Elastography imaging is taking place of biopsy as a completely noninvasive technique. Elastography imaging is used for the detection of several cancers such as breast, thyroid, and prostate cancer. Elastography imaging is majorly used to diagnosis of liver disease. The particular type of elastography imaging is used for the musculoskeletal imaging to determine mechanical properties and state of muscle and tendon. Magnetic resonance elastography imaging technique capable of assessing the stiffness of the brain. Based on the source, elastography imaging classified as static (Strain imaging) or dynamic (Shear wave imaging) techniques. Shear wave imaging includes techniques such as 1D transient elastography, point shear-wave elastography, shear-wave elastography, and MR Elastography.

Elastography Imaging Market: Drivers and Restraints- Companies are focusing on the launch of new elastography imaging product, which expected to favor the growth of the elastography imaging market. Manufacturers are focusing on clinical trials and FDA approvals for market expansion. In February 2017, FDA approved Phillips ElastQ Imaging capability (shear wave elastography) for imaging of tissue. The growing number of liver disease such as hepatitis B, liver cancer expected to favor the growth of the elastography imaging market. Elastography imaging devices are gaining popularity over the biopsy process as benefits of noninvasive procedures. Increasing incidence of various cancers expected to favor the demand for the elastography imaging devices. Increasing adoption of minimally invasive procedures favors the growth of the elastography imaging market. Magnetic resonance elastography is gaining high demand for brain tissue imaging as a non-invasive procedure.

Elastography Imaging Market: Segmentation: On the basis of technique, elastography imaging market can be segmented as: Ultrasound Elastography Imaging: 1D transient Elastography, Point shear-wave Elastography, Shear-wave Elastography, MR based Elastography; On the basis of application, elastography imaging market can be segmented as: Gynecology & Obstetric, Cardiology, Orthopedic & Musculoskeletal, Vascular, Neurology, General Imaging; On the basis of modality, elastography imaging market can be segmented as: Portable, On-Platform; On the basis of end user, elastography imaging market can be segmented as: Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostic Laboratories, Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Elastography Imaging Market: Overview: Ultrasound elastography imaging is the most commonly performed technique as inexpensive, portable and good diagnostic accuracy. But ultrasound elastography imaging may be unreliable in the patient with narrow intercostal spaces and high obesity. MR elastography imaging offers excellent diagnostic accuracy. MR elastography imaging becomes a reference standard for patients among which liver biopsy is not feasible.  Based on application elastography imaging market are segmented into gynecology & obstetrics, cardiology, orthopedic & musculoskeletal, vascular, neurology and general imaging. Hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers are accounted for higher market value share in the elastography imaging market.

Elastography Imaging Market: Region-wise Outlook:North America is the most dominating market for elastography imaging market due to the growing adoption of advanced imaging techniques and early commercialization of devices in the U.S. market. Western Europe expected to contribute the second largest market share in the elastography imaging market. Factors such as growing research projects and growing adoption ultrasound screening favor the growth of the Europe elastography imaging market.  Moreover, Asian countries such as India, China, South Korea grow with higher growth rate as improvement in healthcare technologies, government funding for screening and imaging of disease like cancer.

Elastography Imaging Market: Key Market Participants: Example of some market players participants in global elastography imaging market find across the value chain are Samsung Medision, GE healthcare, Koninklijke Philips N.V., Siemens Healthineers, Hitachi Ltd., Mindray Medical International Limited, Fujifilm Holdings Corporation, Canon Medical Systems Corporation, Landwind Medical, Esaote SpA, SonoScape Medical Corp, SuperSonic Imagine and others.

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