Ebola Outbreak Raising Vaccines Concerns

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The city in Eastern Congo witnessed a massive and the history’s second largest outbreak of Ebola. Amidst this huge outbreak, the healthcare professions expressed their distress over the availability of experimental vaccines of being able to cater to the rising demand for vaccines, sighting an endless epidemic of Ebola. Butembo city has been reporting the cases of hemorrhagic fever, which stands to be a major concern with more than a million residents based in the city. This scenario is complicating the eradication work of Ebola, which is anyway challenged by the attacks witnessed elsewhere, which have added to the complications by making it nearly impossible for tracking the virus in certain isolated villages.

The project coordinator with Medecins Sans Frontieres in Butembo city, John Johnson expressed his concerns over the epidemiological situation in the city as the medical charity stated that the new cases of Ebola in the isolated districts, and the eastern suburbs and outlaying were increasing rapidly.

The teams vaccinated over 41000 people, which saved the city from witnessing about 10000 more Ebola cases, according to the health ministry. This is the largest application of the experimental Ebola vaccine provided by Merck. The healthcare workers got in touch with the Ebola victims and provided the vaccine with the help of a ring vaccination approach, while some cases of hard to connect communities were offered the vaccines. The prospective scenario of mass vaccination in key cities such as Butembo have raised major concerns pertaining to vaccination.

A spokesman of WHO stated that the doses shipments arrive weekly for ensuring a sufficient ring vaccination supply. The vaccination provider is constantly working towards ensuring the availability of sufficient number of doses for meeting the potential vaccine demand.

The Africa regional director for International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Dr. Fatoumata Nafo-Traore, was seen joining an awareness campaign in Beni, the epicenter of Ebola outbreak. While her interactions with the residents she expressed her views stating that the new tools at hand for tackling the situation include vaccines along with great hope.

With such scenarios reflecting the need for highly effective vaccines, the need for better focus on next-generation is greatly witnessed. The emerging epidemic of Ebola across major parts of the world reflects the rising need for innovations in vaccination that offer better efficacy for tackling such health conditions. With such outbreaks witnessed across the globe, the recombinant vaccines are also grabbing attention of healthcare sector, as indicated in a recently published market intelligence outlook by Future Market Insights. The growing prevalence of diseases such as Ebola, Marburg, hemorrhagic fever, Nipah and Lassa fever, the research and development instances in recombinant vaccines are rising, says the report. With this Ebola outbreak, the city officials and healthcare workers are determined to bring down the number of cases.

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