Drag Reducing Agents Market to Gain a Stronghold by 2028


Drag Reducing Agents Market: Introduction

The additives which are added for the reduction of turbulence or drag inside pipelines are known as drag reducing agents. Drag reducing agents are used for reducing a considerable amount of energy loss caused during fluid transportation across a pipeline. Drag reducing agents are also known as drag reducers or flow improvers. Drag reducing agents are added in small parts per million amounts for reducing the pressure drop along a pipeline’s length. The use of drag reducing agents has augmented the traditional capacity and prolonged the life of systems. Drag reducing agents are generally divided into four categories: polymers, surfactants, suspensions, and bio-based materials. Plant polysaccharides such as gum, xylan, and guar are the bio-based materials used as drag reducing agents. It has been observed that, plant polysaccharides have shown more mechanical resistance as compared to synthetic polymers, owing to which, polysaccharides are gaining attraction from various applications. Drag reducing agents are widely used in the oil & gas industry, mainly for petroleum and crude oil transportation. Drag reducing agents have also found application in chemical, energy, and agricultural industries.  In recent times, there has been ongoing research for reducing drag in arteries and veins for medical applications.

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Drag Reducing Agents Market: Dynamics

The surge in oil & gas exploration activities will be the main driving factor responsible for the growth of the drag reducing agents market. Increasing exploration activities and the growth of the oil & gas industry will boost the demand for drag reducing agents. The growth of chemical industries across the globe will elevate the market for drag reducing agents. Also, the growth in agricultural activities due to the increasing population will escalate the demand for drag reducing agents for irrigation purposes. During the recent years, there has been extensive research going on for the development of drag reducing agents for medical applications, especially for treating tumor cells, and for regularizing the flow of blood through arteries and veins. Companies operating in the drag reducing agents market are emphasizing on the use bio-based materials such plant polysaccharides due to their high mechanical resistance.

Drag Reducing Agents Market: Segmentation

The global drag reducing agents market is segmented on the basis of type, application, and end use industry.

The drag reducing agents market is segmented on the basis of type:

  • Polymers
  • Surfactants
    • Cationic
    • Anionic
    • Non-ionic
  • Suspension
  • Bio-based Materials

The drag reducing agents market is segmented on the basis of application:

  • Crude Oil
  • Multiphase Liquid
  • Refined Products
  • Heavy Asphaltic Crude
  • Water

The drag reducing agents market is segmented on the basis of end use industry:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Ship Building
  • Chemicals
  • Energy
  • Agriculture

Drag Reducing Agents Market: Regional Outlook

There is the predominance of the oil & gas industry in the Middle East & Africa. Also, the rise in agricultural activities and growth of chemical industries will make the Middle East & Africa one of the prominent markets for drag reducing agents. North America is one of the main consumers of drag reducing agents, due to the significant presence of the oil & gas industry and the increase in exploration activities, due to which, North America is an important market for drag reducing agents. There is significant presence of the chemical industry in the Asia Pacific region. Also, there are increasing exploration activities along with the growth of the agriculture industry in the Asia Pacific and Latin America regions, owing to which, Asia Pacific and Latin America are promising markets for drag reducing agents. Due to the reduction in oil & gas exploration in Europe, it is estimated to be a slightly declining market for drag reducing agents.

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Drag Reducing Agents Market: Key Participants

Examples of some of the market participants operating in the global drag reducing agents market are Baker Hughes, Partow Ideh Pars., LiquidPower Specialty Products Inc., Oil Flux Americas, NuGenTec, Innospec, Lubrizol Specialty Products Inc., Sino Oil King Shine Chemical, , Flowchem, National Petroleum Corporation, and The Zoranoc Oilfield Chemical, among others.


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