Consumption of Facial Implants Market to Remain High During 2018-2028

Facial Implants Market

Facial implants are a type of medical device used to correct the facial structure or to provide more defined facial features including cheeks or chin & jawline. Facial Implants products are used for cosmetic reasons & are also used in medical crises such as accidents and injuries. Facial implants are also designed for augmentative or reconstructive surgeries. Facial implants give long lasting and permanent results that are a key factor for the rise in cosmetic facial implant procedures. Facial implants come in various shape, size, and material. This type of facial implant is determined on the person’s anatomy. Synthetic materials and biomaterials are used in the preparation of facial implants and are available in a variety of size and shapes.  Facial implants come in anatomical, oval and round shapes that are used in chin augmentation, maxilla, and mandibular surgeries.

Facial Implants Market: Drivers and Restraints: Increasing virtual representation on social media is expected to propel the growth of the facial implants market throughout the forecast period. The growing concern regarding personal appearance among the general population in both developed and developing economies is estimated to increase the number of cosmetic surgeries this factor is expected to fuel the growth of facial implant market. Product launches in the facial implant market are specifically governed by specific regulations, whose approval is necessary for the launch of new products in the market. For instance, Oxford Performance Materials, Inc. received FDA approval for its 3D printed facial implant in 2015 that brings in a new opportunity for facial implants market players. Growing awareness regarding facial implant surgery and high adoption of facial aesthetic surgery among celebrities are expected to propel the growth of facial implant market. However, the surgical complications, like chances of success rate and excessive bleeding after facial implant procedures hampers the facial implant market.

Facial Implants Market: Segmentation: Global Facial Implants Market can be segmented on the basis of material type, Shape type, end user and geography; Based on the material type, Facial Implants Market is segmented as: Silicone facial implants, ePTFF facial implants, rigid polyethylene facial implants; Based on Shape, Facial Implants Market is segmented as: Anatomical facial implants, Oval facial implants, Round facial implants; Based on applications type, Facial Implants Market is segmented as: Chin augmentation, Cheek bone surgery, Parnasal procedures, Forehead surgery; Based on the end user, Facial Implants Market is segmented as: Hospital, Trauma Center, Ambulatory surgical centers Specialty Clinics

Facial Implants Market: Overview: By material type, the silicone facial implant material is expected to hold large revenue share in facial implants market due to the higher adoption rate of silicone implants among the end users. Based on the application type, the chin augmentation is expected to be the dominating application type. According to a report of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 20,680 chin augmentation surgeries were performed in recent years in the U.S. among the end users the hospital segment is expected to be fastest growing segment in the facial implants market during the forecast period.

Facial Implants Market: Regional Outlook: Facial implants are widely used as they improve the patient’s self-confidence in their overall appearance, thus baby bloomer in North America go for the facial implant. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there was 18.4% rise in the number of cosmetic procedures in the United States in 2017. North America is expected to be the most lucrative facial implant market. Latin America is expected to account for the second largest share in terms of revenue due to the availability of skilled medical professional in the region. Latin America is expected to witness high growth in facial implant market followed by Asia Pacific region due to increasing medical tourism in many countries like Brazil, Peru. MEA facial implants market is expected to witness steady growth over other regions because of less healthcare expenditure.

Facial Implants Market: Key Players: Some of the global key participants operating in Facial Implants Market are: Implatech Associates Inc., Medical, KLS Martin Group, Medartis AG, Stryker, DePuy Synthes, Sientra Inc., Zimmer Biomet, Johnson & Johnson, TMJ Concepts and Osteotec Ltd. among others.

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