Concrete Containing Polymer Market Global Industry Analysis and Forecast Till 2028


Concrete containing Polymer Market: Introduction : Concrete containing polymers were introduced in late 1950s and had become a popular choice by 1970s for precast components, thin overlays & floors and repair. The use of concrete containing polymers has been overseen by the Committee 548 of the American Concrete Institute since 1971. Owing to its unique properties, such as fast curing, strength, resistance to chemical attack, etc., concrete containing polymers find numerous applications in specialized domains. These days, bars in steel are getting replaced by fibers reinforced concrete, which is also referred to as FRC. Concrete containing polymers are a more viable option for construction materials as they exhibit excellent performance.

Investment is civil construction, such as roads, bridges, drainage infrastructure, desalination plants and nuclear power plants, is the key driver spurring the demand in the concrete containing polymer market. Moreover, increase in demand for ecofriendly concrete will create trending opportunities for concrete containing polymers manufacturers.  Concrete containing polymers in overall due to advanced physical characteristics, ease of sculpting and custom design as well as economical over its counterparts makes it a preferred choice for procurers of construction materials.

Most of the manufacturers are either expanding their production capacity or launching new products in the concrete containing polymer market. For instance, Organic Kimya (Istanbul), in 2018, announced its plan to increase the manufacturing volume for redispersible polymer powder by adding a second spray dryer at its Tuzla site (Bosnia). Similarly, Hexion launched a new redispersible polymer powder under the brand name Axilat HP 8530. Also, Dudick Inc. launched a concrete containing polymer which could be used for truck unloading pads, precast trenches and sumps, chemical processing flooring, tank piers and curbing.

Global Concrete containing Polymer Market: Drivers : Growing demand from end-use applications, such as industrial tanks, catch basin, asphalt pavements, repair construction, etc. are spurring the demand for concrete containing polymers. Moreover, high demand for environment-friendly materials will also drive the demand in the concrete containing polymers market. However, the high cost of this material might hamper the growth of the concrete containing polymers market during the forecast period. Also, the slowdown in the construction industry in some regions is a major challenge for the concrete containing polymers market.

Global Concrete containing Polymer Market: Trend : Within the modern building material and construction industry, the use of polymers is increasing with every passing day. Polymer modified concrete (PMC) is a polymer that is used in cement. The polymer impregnated concrete (PIC), is treated using polymerization and soaking. In Polymer concrete (PC), the binder is the polymer that replaces the cement paste. These days, concrete containing polymers are being widely used in bridges and floor overlays.

Concrete containing polymers can also be used in radiation shielding. For shield design, gamma & neutrons are the main types of nuclear radiation to be considered. Also, concrete containing polymers find usage in repair and coverage. Polymers have improved chemical and mechanical configuration of concrete.  Concrete containing polymers offers is more compressive, has higher tensile strength, offers good durability and reduces corrosion and permeability of concrete.

Global Concrete containing Polymer Market: Segmentation : On the basis of type, the Concrete Containing Polymers market can be segmented into: Polymer impregnated concrete (PIC), Polymer Concrete (PC), Polymer modified concrete , PMC), Latex modified Concrete (LMC). On the basis of application, the Concrete Containing Polymers market can be segmented into: Industrial Tanks Concrete Containing Polymers, Catch Basin and Channels Concrete Containing Polymers, Asphalt Pavement Concrete Containing Polymers, Building Repair Construction Concrete Containing Polymers, Others.

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Global Concrete Containing Polymer Market: Market Participants : Some of the market participants/vendors identified across the value chain of the Concrete Containing Polymers market are: , ASF SE, , CO Group of Companies, Bechtel S.A., Bouygues S.A., Interplastic Corporation, Forte Composite Inc., Italcemebnti,Kwik Bond Polymers, Modified Concrete Suppliers, ULMA Architectural Solutions, Wacker Chemei AG,Wagman Concrete Group.


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