Chelating Agents Market, 2018-2028 by Segmentation: Based on Product, Application and Region


Demand for biodegradable chelating agents projected to boom considering stringent water conservation and environmental policies.

Need of the Hour: Reduce Downtime to Push Demand for Chelating Agents: Surging demand from detergent and cleaning industries along with pulp and paper industries is driving the growth of chelating agents market. Increasing demand for chelating agents such as Aminopolycarboxylic acid from industrial cleaning and household applications for the purpose of removal of salts, metal oxides and hard water scale from fabrics further drives chelating agents market. In addition, chelating agents help in improving shelf-life of end-products, thereby developing process effectiveness and reduction in maintenance cost. Growing demand for alternatives to non-biodegradable organic compounds will continue to drive the demand for biodegradable chelating agents.

Pulp and paper industries are expected to create lucrative growth opportunities for chelating agents market as innovation plays a significant role in the industry’s production purposes. Enhanced effectiveness of hydrosulfite bleaches and hydrogen peroxide with reduction in expensive downtime, removal and control of scales and lower bleaching costs further stimulates demand for chelating agents in pulp and paper industries. Non-biodegradable quality of certain chelating agents such as EDTA and HEDP is restraining chelating agents market as possibilities of damage to biotic species and environment increases.

Sodium Gluconate to Witness Significant Traction in Chelating Agents Market: Technical applications are expected to drive the demand for chelating agents such as sodium gluconate as it offers efficient set retarder as well as plasticizer in the concrete admixtures. In personal care products industry, sodium gluconate functions as a powerful moisturizing ingredient. With increasing demand for formulation of mineral salts and high-intensity sweeteners as well as cleansing operations of the food processing equipment further drives the demand for sodium gluconate as chelating agents.

Demand for Chelating Agents Expected to Respond Favorably in APAC: Growing hygiene standards in China and India including increased supervision for imported sanitary products, thereby ensuring its compliance with the toxicological requirements and improved sustainability and hygiene programs, respectively, are key factors driving the demand for chelating agents in the regions. Moreover, chelating agents’ application in the detergents and cleaners manufacturing in APAC, would also propel the product’s adoption. Pulp and paper industries are expected to witness significant increase in APAC on account of rising government impositions with regards to restrictions on plastic usage, further contributing to the growth of chelating agents market in APAC. Demand for treated and clean water and surging need for processed food is expected to drive demand and supply of chelating agents in APAC. On a broader perspective, even competitive manufacturing costs and expanding production capacities are bolstering the growth of APAC chelating agents market. Stringent mandatory regulations in Western Europe and North America are projected to ensure effective practices of ecosystem management through waste water conservation across the end-use industries.

Demand for Biodegradable Chelating Agents to Offer Promising Opportunities for Manufacturers: Manufacturers in chelating agents market are witnessing rapidly increasing demand for biodegradable chelating agents, which provides them with potential expansion and production opportunities in the global market. In addition, manufacturers are planning to focus on increasing production of biodegradable chelating agents for preventing long-term aftermaths for humans and environment.

AkzoNobel N.V, recently developed a new coating technology that provides extreme performance to the yacht owners. The new Awlgrip high definition technology polyurethane clearcoat features extreme durability and abrasion resistant properties with notable usage of chelating agents. The new technology holds lower volatile organic compounds and has repairable possibilities as well. Places with extreme environmental conditions are expected to surge the demand for the high definition technology, thereby creating growth opportunities for chelating agents market.

Archer Daniels Midland Company has been taking immense efforts in strengthening its commitment towards foodservice as the chelating agents market player has been witnessing significant increase in consumers eating outside. The leading company is planning to make heavy investments in chelating agents market in order to improve its dessert products and fruit preparations with new solutions for cold and hot drinks. Going forward, ADM will be focusing on savory concepts as well, which complements the company’s product portfolio.

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BASF recently announced plans for expanding its acrylic dispersions production capacity in Malaysia, in order to cater to the growing demand from New Zealand, Australia and ASEAN markets. Heavy investments in the high quality and reliable supply is expected to multiply the acrylic dispersions production capacity for adhesives, coatings and construction, thereby favoring increasing demand for chelating agents. In addition, growing demand from the fast-growing regions for low-odor and low-VOC acrylic dispersions further drives in production opportunities for market manufacturers in chelating agents.


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