Cancer survivors can easily stomach milk with kefir as the key ingredient

Fermented Dairy Ingredients Market

Kefir, a fermented milk produce, is made from kefir fungi. It is a good post exercise fermented drink for cancer survivors and it does not upset stomach. Cardiorespiratory fitness and muscular strength of cancer survivors can be improved with the help of daily exercise after treatment. However, many cancer patients suffer from digestive problems, stomach upsets etc., due to the treatment and could be cautious to include dairy products in their daily diets for additional nutritional support and improve recovery.

Kefir is a good fermented dairy product which is a huge source of proteins as well as carbohydrates and bacteria which are involved in good health promotion. The health effects credited to the kefir consumption includes anticarcinogenic activities, improvised use of lactose, control over intestinal infections and diseases along with enhanced flavor and nutritional quality of the milk. The attitude of cancer survivors with regards to the acceptance and consumption of kefir beverage especially for recovery which is made from whole fruit, natural sweeteners, cultured milk, and other nature-based ingredients was explored. A beverage made from kefir which was developed according to the guidelines for nutrition after resistance and endurance exercise which was approved by the American college of sports medicine and the beverage was manufactured on the grounds provided by the authority. It was prepared by fermenting and inoculating milk along with kefir grains. A fruit base was chosen and kefir was mixed with it and was served to almost fifty cancer patients/survivors after a session of resistance and endurance exercise. A nine point scale was used to evaluate the acceptance of the beverage samples which involved aspects such as aroma, appearance, taste, overall liking and mouth feel. The smoothness was evaluated with the help of a three category scale called just-about-right scale which reflects three parameters namely, too much, not enough and just about right. Moreover, the psychological and physical feelings about the kefir beverage was also evaluated with the help of a five point scale (1 refers to “not at all” and 5 refers to “extremely”) and pointed out their intent to buy and consume the kefir drink.

After the initial test, health benefits after consumption of kefir were conveyed due to which the patients agreed to try the sample a second time and answering the same questions related to the above mentioned tests and scales, namely feel, overall liking as well as readiness to purchase and consume. The results after the second test were different. The participants, after understanding the immense health benefits of kefir, showed high interest in buying and consuming the kefir drink on a regular basis as the beverage was liked by the patients or participants or cancer survivors and they also showed higher overall liking after gaining knowledge about health benefits.

Kefir could be a great health drink which the cancer survivors can enjoy without experiencing any side effects or stomach problems post their regular exercises. This dairy fermented drink received top score considering all the mentioned parameters.

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