Camshaft Bearings Market Shares, Strategies and Forecast Worldwide, 2018-2028


With the need for smooth closing and opening of engine valves synchronized with crankshaft rotation, it is equally vital to achieve appropriate functioning of camshaft. As camshaft bearings assist in seamless camshaft functioning.

Camshaft Bearings Market Players to Harness the Capabilities of the Market with Key Development Strategies: The major players in the camshaft bearings market are focused towards expansions and investments to extend their product offerings and enhance their business capabilities to strengthen their market presence. The key players in the camshaft bearings market include Wafangdian Bearing Group Co. Ltd, AB SKF, CCTY Bearing Company, King Engine Bearings, Omix-Ada Inc, Enginetech, Inc., Callies Performance Products, Federal-Mogul Motorparts LLC, DART MACHINERY, LTD, MAHLE Clevite Inc, Dura-Bond Bearing Company, and SCAT ENTERPRISES.

Globally recognized for innovation and performance throughout its product line, King Engine Bearings launched a unique range of coated race bearings that would be used in racing application. With their commitment to innovation, this camshaft bearings market player revolutionizes the capabilities of camshaft bearings with innovative offerings such as the newly launched coated race bearings.

Federal-Mogul Motorparts LLC, a key camshaft bearings provider has introduced an array of product offerings till date. The company was seen introducing brand protection solution for the FP diesel range that includes various products such camshafts, engine bearings, valves, components, and more. This action reflects the company’s focus on protecting brand identity to secure a robust market place.

Dart Machinery, the provider of high-performance blocks, and more is being acquired by Race Winning Brands as the company aims to preserve the legacy of Dart while attaining key benefits from the newly build manufacturing unit by Dart machinery in Warren, Michigan.

High-performance Requirements to Stimulate Need for enhanced Camshaft Bearings: The need for high-performance camshaft bearings and engine bearings is proliferating with the developments in the automotive sector. Companies and providers of engine bearings, camshaft bearings, and other components are increasingly innovating their product portfolio to address the needs of the future. For instance, the key player, MAHLE Aftermarket introduced high-performance for specifically designed for the import racing and sport compact market.

Investments across Key Economies to Foster the Emergence of Camshaft Bearings Market: The camshaft bearing market is spread across major regions and key economies that offer tremendous scope for the provider of camshaft bearings. The leading expansions and investments by key camshaft bearings market players are increasing the scope of the regions for future business engagements related to camshaft bearings. For instance, MAHLE Group is expanding its Chinese market presence as it is a fastest growing market for the company. The company is doing so with new manufacturing plants opened in China.

Similarly, Federal-Mogul is expanding its operations in the Glaslow, United Kingdom. This showcases the key opportunities aligned in the developing regions, where major camshaft bearings players are extending their presence to address the customer needs. The European market has witnessed major acquisitions and investments that highlight the future for camshaft bearings in the region. For instance, the Precision Camshafts Ltd. has acquired nearly 76 percent ownership in the Motoren und Fahrzeugtechnik (MFT) based in Germany via PCL (International) Holding, its wholly-owned Dutch subsidiary. This acquisition would help the company is in establishing a global presence.

Division of Camshaft Bearings Market- Key Segments comprised in the Market

The camshaft bearings market is segmented on the basis of key parameters including materials, type of camshaft bearings, end use and distribution channels.

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According to the materials, the camshaft bearings market is divided into aluminum alloy camshaft bearings, babbitt metal camshaft bearings, and other material camshaft bearings. Based on camshaft type the camshaft bearings market is divided into type segments such as single over-head cam (SOHC) and dual over-head cam (DOHC). The end use segments of the camshaft bearings market include commercial vehicles, mining vehicles, passenger vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, passenger cars, military vehicles, MUVs, SUVs, and light commercial vehicles. The distribution channels of the camshaft bearings market include aftermarket and OEM.


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