BMW and Daimler Merger gets Regulatory Approval


BMW Group and Daimler have been putting in efforts to witness an era offing, where in, car ownership, mainly in the metropolitan major cities, could become a bygone.

Previously in March, the two leading German car makers disclosed their plans to bring together their numerous mobility services in the form of a joint-venture company, with 50-50 partnership, based in Berlin. Now, in a latest statement, they have announced that they have won the regulatory approval competition watchdogs to merge their mobility divisions.

The companies are likely to disclose more details regarding the upcoming mobility joint venture company in the first half of the coming year. Basically, there are chances of a single app, capable of uniting various mobility services. For instance, using a single app you could book a ride, pay for street or garage parking, obtain a car in a shared fleet, etc.

The app could also bring together things like payments and data for public transport services, with an objective to form a simple yet inclusive mobility solution for going from a point A to B.

As per the information known so far, the services that are going to be integrated in the joint-venture company are Car2Go, Moovel, and MyTaxi services of Daimler and the ParkNow, ReachNow, and DriveNow services of BMW Group.

In a remarkable move, the company run by the two auto giants will also supervise the development of all future mobility services, including a self-driving taxi service. As per the sources related to this matter, the auto maker Daimler and supplier leader Bosch could come up with a functioning trial self-driving service in the Silicon Valley by the end of 2019.

The recent reports revealed that BMW Group and Daimler may also start sharing technology and parts down the lane, like the entire vehicle platforms. As per the sources related to this matter, the two leading automakers are currently in initial exploratory talks related to sharing of vehicle platforms, self-driving technology, and batteries of electric cars, in order to cut expenses.  This move could help BMW and Daimler in their quest to offer a substitute in the future and keep going.

In the present scenario, many leading car makers are considering merges, partnerships, or are part of ‘hostile takeovers’. Recently, the Renault-Nissan conglomerate purchased Mitsubishi, whereas, Ford and Volkswagen have been planning a full merge for long now.


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