Berlin Packaging Inaugurates Mega-Warehouse in Ontario, California


Chicago-based Berlin Packaging announced the inauguration of its brand new mega-warehouse in Ontario, California. The new warehouse is situated in close proximity to USA’s busiest ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach. The 231,000-square-foot mega-warehouse in Ontario is the newest addition to Berlin Packaging’s network in the Southern California region with an almost 100,000 square-foot facility already present in Santa Ana. Notably, the new Ontario warehouse will collaborate with the Santa Ana facility and other Berlin Packaging warehouses across the country to cater to the needs of West Coast customers in all the market segments the packaging giants specialize in namely food, personal care, beverages, cosmetics, and industrial chemical. The new facility will work towards boosting the supply chain of the complete network that exists in the West Coast.

Berlin Packaging planned the construction of its Ontario warehouse in line with the time and money-efficient inventory management solutions it prides on. The warehouse is equipped with 23 dock doors which allow for efficient loading and unloading of raw materials and finished products. Further, the new mega-warehouse sports a fully secured yard with two separate entryways. The yard facilitates for the monitoring of the delivery of products to its clients. Another key feature of the new facility is its training center. The state-of-the-art training center at the facility aims to become the center stage for consumer interaction with employees of Berlin Packaging. Furthermore, the company plans to use the center for rolling out new training programs for their employees to ensure they hold a comprehensive competitive edge over the other contenders in the market.

A statement from the company divulged that with the new facility now operational Berlin Packaging will further look to enhance customer experience and provide reliable and exceptional services at low costs. The addition of the Ontario mega-warehouse to the already existing facilities in Napa Valley, Arizona, and Nevada is sure to give the packaging giants a huge advantage over its competitors in the West Coast.

Notably, Berlin Packaging has a network which spans over North America, Europe, and South Africa. The company offers over 40,000 products and services and has more than 100 sales and warehousing facilities spread around the world. With its Ontario warehouse, the company plans to further boost its net income by increasing its production of glass, metal, and plastic containers and closures. The opening of the new warehousing facility is just another step that the company has taken to expand its horizons.


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