Bambara Beans Market Report Explored in Latest Research


Market Outlook: Contrary to the belief that states that Bambara Beans are a neglected and underutilized species, they actually are one of the world’s top harvests. Bambara Bean is a low-cost, dependable farm resource that thrives in harsh environments where other crops may fail. Recognized as a complete food, Bambara Bean comprises an average 19% protein and about 6.5% fat, making it a vital source of dietary protein. Bambara Bean is highly tolerant of poor quality soils and droughts, where it is grown. Bambara is particularly suitable for low-input agricultural production systems in drought-prone regions of Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Bambara Bean leaves are potassium-rich and thus, are an excellent source of animal feed. The beans are difficult to harvest mechanically and thus, large-scale commercial farmers refrain from growing Bambara beans, making it a crop ideal for small-scale farmers. Bambara Beans are extensively used in food and beverages owing to their high protein content and ability to improve digestion. The seed of Bambara beans is known to improve soil as it can fix nitrogen.

The nuts of Bambara beans are also consumed as a snack, in salted or roasted form. According to a study put together by Future Market Insights, the consumer demand for Bambara Bean is anticipated to witness spectacular rise, promoted by its increasing applications in healthy foods and snacks.

Bambara Beans, an Emerging Income Source for African Women: Bambara Bean is Africa’s third most important grain bean. The bean possesses high nutritional value. Bambara Beans and its products are often used as a snack or food supplement. Food and beverages made using Bambara Beans are high in protein content and good for the digestion system. Bambara Beans can also be consumed after drying. The multifunctional bean has gained commercial and nutritional acceptance due to growing demand for highly relished and ready-to-eat food products it produces. The Bambara Bean market is expected to observe robust growth owing to the various advantages of Bambara beans (for instance, Bambara bean can grow on poor soil). Despite being considered a neglected specie, the prospect for the growth of the Bambara Beans market is positive.

Global Bambara Beans: Market Segmentation On the basis of nature, the global Bambara Beans market has been segmented as –Organic, Synthetic, On the basis of applications, the global Bambara Beans market has been segmented as –Cooking Ingredient, Snack Foods, Dietary Supplements, Animal Feed, Flour, Dairy Alternative,On the basis of distribution channel, the Bambara Beans market has been segmented as –Direct Sales (B2B), Indirect Sales (B2C), Hypermarkets/Supermarkets, Online Stores, Specialty Stores, Other Retailers

Global Bambara Beans Market: Market Participants: Some of the key players operating in the global Bambara Beans market are Princebrim Foods, BUSH’S, EARTH EXPO COMPANY, Henan Changling Food Co. Ltd., Lazima Farm Company and Elite Trading Company, among others.

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Opportunities for Market Participants in Bambara Beans Market: Within the African sub-continent, Bambara Beans are a source of significant nutrition in more than 30 countries. Bambara Beans are a significant part of people’s diet and livelihood in various countries of Africa, such as Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Nigeria and more. Also, over the years, the production of Bambara Beans has significantly increased and experienced strong growth. Burkino Faso is an important producer of Bambara Beans with more than 50,000 tons of production capacity. Nigeria and Cameroon are other important producers with more than 30,000 tons of production capacity. The cultivation of Bambara Beans is mainly done in African countries, so the potential for growth in these countries is relatively higher than in other regions. Bambara Beans is considered to be an important crop owing to its functional properties, nutritive composition, antioxidant potential and the fact that it is a drought-resilient crop and thus, it will witness strong demand globally.



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